Heald UK Change Log

14 Mar

New web address: www.healds.org.uk
FreeBMD, LanBMD, YksBMD and ChsBMD extracts updated
Some middle initials added to 1901 census extracts, from Ancestry.com

2 Nov

FreeBMD, LanBMD, YksBMD and ChsBMD extracts updated to Sept 2004
1881 Census pages re-formatted

17 Dec

Website re-uploaded to the net
A few more parish registers and 1851 census extracts
But most data not updated since February

20 Feb

New section for Parish Register extracts, also Pallot's marriage index
FreeBMD extracts updated to Dec 2002; Leeds marriages to 1890
More about early Healds, including Leeds data from Thoresby Society publications
Index of Lancashire wills now believed complete to 1837, and York to 1688
Healds House Farm in Morley Green, Pownall Fee located (thanks to Ian Young)
Multimap and Old-maps links mended (again)
More 1851 surname indexes for YKS, LAN

29 Nov

More early Healds in Lancashire (C14, C17), Cheshire (C16), Yorkshire (C15-C18)

21 Nov

1901 data now fully consolidated
FreeBMD extracts updated to October
Salford weddings from LancashireBMD
Leeds births and weddings from YorkshireBMD
1841 and 1851 census reconstructions for Huddersfield and Dewsbury area
1861 census reconstructions for Sheffield and Rotherham area
A new marriage index, by both first names
Zipfile moved to tiscali.co.uk (BT no longer want my money).

3 Sept

FreeBMD links fixed
Births index now includes 1901 data (but not yet consolidated)

2 Sept

1901 Census extracts -- some minor corrections

1 Sept

1901 Census extracts added; not yet cross-referenced or indexed

1 June

More 1851 Census indexes and extracts added and cross-referenced for LAN, CHS, YKS.
Family data for Knottingley from Yvonne Alderson, and for Leeds from Diane Heald.
Some matching births found for National Burial Index data (about 25%).
Cheshire BMD extracts updated.

4 May

New data added from the Vital Records Index 2nd ed, and FreeBMD (April update).
Cross references from the 1851 census extracts, and the 1858-1899 will calendars.
1851 Census surname index for Derbyshire
Several 1881 census entries for Manchester added (previously overlooked).

25 Mar

Some 1851 Census transcriptions for Lancashire.
1851 Census surname index hits for Cheshire.
More will indexes: PCC 1700-1800; ENG 1882-1899

16 Mar

Researchers page greatly expanded.
1851 Census: Healds in Lancashire surname indexes (75% done).
Longer bio for Walter Heald (1841-1926) added to Universities page.
More will indexes: ENG 1858-1881; more LAN, YKS, DBY, NTT, LIN pre 1858

9 Feb

Marriage and children indexes exploded into separate pages for each letter

2 Feb

'Earlier' and 'later' links added for county by county listings.
New C19 mentions page; more details for Lancashire pre 1600.
A few census entries for 1841, 1861; new page for misc BMD.

25 Jan

Data added from CheshireBMD and the FreeBMD christmas update.
Many early Heald references followed up; page remodelled.
New page for later references (after 1600).
New wills in Lancashire and the PRO.
New page on Charlotte Bronte letters.
Ordering improved on front page

31 Dec
Data added from IGI 2001 revision.
FreeBMD data updated to Dec 2001.
Missing cross-references fixed in AF data.
'Old maps' links repaired again.
Coats of arms page updated.
New page on Healds Hall and Heald's House, both nr Dewsbury.
25 Nov

Data from FreeBMD updated to Nov 2001.

22 Nov

Data added from FreeBMD (up to Aug 2001).
Some county subdivisions changed to reflect C19 registration districts.

10 Aug

1881 UK Census data now merged in.
Hallamshire Cutlers data.
Some filenames changed, and links updated; auto pop-up windows abolished.
'Old maps' links repaired, now work again.
County-by-county stats updated, now try to exclude double counting.

19 May

New web address
Data from LDS Ancestral File now merged into main list; cross-referencing still in progress.
Braithwell now in 'South Yorkshire' rather than 'Around York'.
Changelog page created (!)

6 May
Initial upload

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