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1816James HealdLinen drapersMarket PlacePrestonCommercial Directory[C]
1816John Heald & Co.Liquor merchantsKing StreetLancasterCommercial Directory[C]
1766Samuel HealdSaddlerDale StreetLiverpoolLiverpool's First Directory (Shaw & Shaw)[A]
1832John HealdSalt dealerHoratio StreetLiverpoolPoll Book, 1832[Lp]
1816George HealdCalico printers & print warehouses48 High StreetManchesterCommercial Directory[C]
1816Sarah HealdMilliners263 DeansgateManchesterCommercial Directory[C]
1840Coates, HealdCalico printersStrangewaysManchesterHistory of Calico Printing[Ca]
1840Coates & HealdCalico printersSeedleyManchesterHistory of Calico Printing[Ca]
1830Jas Heald  StockportPigot's Directory (p. 55)[O]
1830Matthew Heald  AltrinchamPigot's Directory (p. 12)[O]
1830John Heald  NorthwichPigot's Directory (p. 48)[O]
1830Thomas Heald  NorthwichPigot's Directory (p. 49)[O]
1850Henry HealdBrazier & Tin Plate WorkerWitton StreetNorthwichBagshaw's Directory[Nw]
1869William HealdPub Licensee: Penrhyn Arms Northwich [Nw]
1869-78Thomas HealdPub Licensee: Market Tavern Northwich [Nw]
1881Thomas HealdPub Licensee: Bleeding Wolf12 Crown StreetNorthwichCensus[Nw]
1892Thomas HealdShopkeeperCrown St.NorthwichKelly's[Nw]
1896Thomas HealdPub Licensee: Forester's Arms Northwich [Nw]
1899-1913Thomas HealdPub Licensee: Locomotive Northwich [Nw]
1921-42Florence HealdPub Licensee: Locomotive Northwich [Nw]
1880-1906Thomas Heald GledhillBrewer Chelford [Cb]
1823E & G HieldFarmers EscrickBaines's[G]
1823Esther HieldPub Licensee: The Fox67 PetergateYorkWhite's[G]
1837Samuel HealdWoolstapler8 Duncan StreetLeedsWhite's[L]
1837Samuel HealdSurgeon52 KirkgateLeedsWhite's[L]
1853John HealdBoot and shoe maker5 CornhillLeeds(Carole Clyde's list)[G]
1822Francis HealdDry salterBoothroydDewsburyBaines's Directory[G]
1822John HealdMiscDewsbury MoorDewsburyBaines's Directory[G]
1834John HealdGentry & ClergyDewsbury MoorDewsburyPigot's Directory[G]
1837John HealdMiscDewsbury Moor TopDewsburyWhite's[G]
1822Thomas HealdBlanket makerBatleyWhite's[G]
1837Mary HealdClothes dealerSpinkwellDewsburyWhite's[G]
1781William HealdGrocerWakefieldBailey's Northern Directory[A]
1784William HealdGrocerWakefieldBailey's British Directory[A]
1822A. E. & S. HealdBoarding schoolSt John'sWakefieldBaines's Directory[G]
1822Richard HealdBoot and shoe makerWrengateWakefieldBaines's Directory[G]
1822Richard HealdPublican: The Royal OakWrengateWakefieldBaines's Directory[G]
1816Thomas HealdHat manufacturers and dealersKirkgateWakefieldCommercial Directory[C]
1822Thomas HealdHat maker and dealerKirkgateWakefieldBaines's Directory[G]
1822Thomas HealdPerfumer and hair dresserTop of KirkgateWakefieldBaines's Directory[G]
1822Fenton HealdPerfumer and hair dresserKirkgateWakefieldBaines's Directory[G]
1853Misses M.H. & B. HealdBoarding school102 NorthgateWakefieldWhites's Directory[Wf]
1853Lamb & HealdBooksellers and Stationers19 Westgate & 199 KirkgateWakefieldWhites's Directory[Wf]
1853Fenton HealdPainter etcNew Market
(house: Mount Pleasant)
WakefieldWhites's Directory[Wf]
1853Samuel Fenton HealdClerk119 KirkgateWakefieldWhites's Directory[Wf]
1867John HealdPub licensee: the Malt ShovelCarr GateWrenthorpe [Wr]
1887William HealdClogger and boot repairer AlverthorpeWhite's[G]
1887John HealdHorse dealerCarr GateWrenthorpeWhite's[G]
1757James Heald(Bankrupt) ChapmanRotherhamGentleman's Magazine, May 1757[A]
1774Matthew HealdSadler, collar and wagon whip makerHigh StreetSheffieldSketchley's Sheffield Directory[A](n)
1787Matthew HealdSaddlerMarket PlaceSheffieldDirectory of Sheffield (Gales & Martin)[A](n)
1691-1814See also: Hallamshire cutlers, below
1835John HealdBoot and shoe makerEckingtonPigot's Derbyshire[G]
1835William HealdBoot and shoe makerEckingtonPigot's Derbyshire[G]
1821William HealdBoot and shoe makerBolsoverPigot's Derbyshire[S]
1835William HealdBoot and shoe makerBolsoverPigot's Derbyshire[G]
1821George HealdGloverBolsoverPigot's Derbyshire[S]
1835George HealdGloverBolsoverPigot's Derbyshire[G]
1821George HealdTavern/Public House: The Black's HeadMarket PlaceWirksworthPigot's Derbyshire[W]
1827George HealdVictualler: The Black's HeadWirksworthPigot's Derbyshire[W]
1830George HealdInnkeeper: The Black MoorsheadWirksworthInce's Pedigrees, 022c:8897:18[W]
1835George HealdTavern/Public House: The Black's HeadMarket PlaceWirksworthPigot's Derbyshire[W,G]
1846George HealdInn/Tavern: The Black's HeadMarket PlaceWirksworthBagshaw's Derbyshire[W]
1857John Heald BradwellFarmerOffertonWhite's Derbyshire[G]
1908Horace HealdPrivate ResidentMatlockKelly's Derbyshire[M]
1916Horace HealdPrivate ResidentMatlockKelly's Derbyshire[M]
1895John HealdBoot &c makerPaltertonBulmer's Derbyshire[S]
1912John HealdShoemakerPaltertonKelly's Derbyshire[S]
1814Charles HealdVictualler: Golden FleeceMiddle PavementNottinghamHodson's Directory[Nt]
1830John HealdChemist and DruggistStockwell GateMansfieldPigot's Directory[Nt]
1830Elizabeth HealdMilliner and DressmakerStockwell GateMansfieldPigot's Directory[Nt]
1830Elizabeth HealdStay MakerStockwell GateMansfieldPigot's Directory[Nt]
1830Daniel HealdPublican: the Blue BoarStockwell GateMansfieldPigot's Directory[Nt]
1832George HealdFarmerWestwoodSelstonWhite's Directory[As]
1830William Heald Ludlow  DevizesPigot's Directory, p.798[O]
1883Robert HealdSurgeon(Lack & Heald, surgeons)HinghamKelly's Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk pp.345-7[N]
1883Robert HealdSurgeonHinghamWhite's Norfolk pp.322-5[N]
1823-4James HealdMaltsterHigh StreetChelmsfordPigot's Essex[E]
1823-4William HealdMaltsterBaddow LaneChelmsfordPigot's Essex[E]
1766William Heald(Bankrupt) TobacconistEast SmithfieldGentleman's Magazine, Nov 1766[A]

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Hallamshire Cutlers

A list of Apprentices and Freemen, from the "History of the Company of Cutlers of Hallamshire"

Source: Eric Youle's Mainly Sheffield Family History Resources

(Introductory notes)

1691Samuel Heald(b. ? Abt 1677)son of Robert, Padley, husbandmanto James Tuckman (or Tupman), scissorsmith; 10F. 1701
 -Joseph Heald(b. ? Abt 1708)son of Nicholasto Cotton Watkin, cutler;F. 1732
1727John Heald(b. 1714 ?)son of Nicholasto Benjamin Newton, cutler; 8 
1738William Heald(b. ? Abt 1725)son of Francis, Middleton, millerto George Hawke, Lave Greave, cutler; 8 
1753Robert Heald(b. 1739 ?)son of Francis, Fulwood, millerto Joseph Drabble, Stumperlowe, cutler ; 8 
1751John Heald(b. ? Abt 1738)son of Wm., Ecclesfield, Commonside(1) to John Wadsworth, Sheffield Park, cutler; 9
(2) to Jos. Hoyle, Wadsley, cutler; 8-9
1761Thomas Heald(b. ? Abt 1748)son of Benjamin, brass founderto Samuel Kay, cutler; 8-4F. 1782
1766John Heald(b. 1753 ?)son of Benj., button makerto Samuel Kay, cutler; 8-1 
1768Roger James Heald
(poor child, Sheffield)
(b. 1755 ?)son of George, Nottinghamto Rodger Wilson, cutler; 7-7 
1773John Heald(b. 1757 ?)son of John, cutler (deceased)to William Linley, cutler; 4 
1776Daniel Heald(b. 1759 ?)son of John, Brightside Bierlow, cutler-grinder (deceased)to Robert Holland, Grimethorpe, cutler; 7F. 1791
1775George Heald(b. ? Abt 1761)son of George, labourer (deceased)to William Kent, cutler; 7 
 -William Heald(b. 1765 ?)son of Williamto John Fisher, knife makerF. 1791
1779William Heald(b. 1767 ?)son of Henry, Brampton Bierlow, blacksmith (deceased)to John Trickett (Storrs or Dungworth), cutler; 8-8F. 1791
1780John Heald(b. 1768 ?)son of Henry, Brampton Bierlow, Wath, blacksmith (deceased)to Wm. Tricket, Hil top, Bradfield, cutler 8-9 
1790Richard Heald(b. 1774 ?)son of Danl., Worksop, sadler (deceased)to Maurice Rodgers, cutler; 7
(20 from Wm. Booth, Aston, uncle)
1793Thomas Heald(b. 1777 ?)son of Thomas, cutlerto Charles Roebuck, knife maker; 7 
 -John Heald(b. 1787 ?)son of Williamto William Heald, knife makerF. 1810
1802Joseph Heald(b. 1787 ?)son of Jos., farmer(1) to Wm Sayles, Wicker, razor maker; 7 (1802)
(2) to Samuel Gillatt, razor maker (1804)
1810Henry Heald(b. ? Abt 1795)son of Joseph, Ecclesall Bierlow, labourerto Thomas Padley, knife maker; 7-2 
1814Thomas Heald (b. 1796 ?)son of Thomas, cutlerto John Cartledge, knife maker; 7 

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