Heald Births and Marriages UK: YKS, 1726-1800

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The standard of proof used to consolidate these listings is current best guess (not 'absolute cast-iron certainty') -- so do not necessarily trust every suggested link, eg between a birth and a subsequent marriage, or consolidation, eg between different census returns. The listings have been mostly compiled from published indexes: you are strongly advised to check out wherever possible the original underlying documents, which may contain further information that could contradict the assumptions here.

Also be very aware that the listings are far from complete. There are many more Healds whose parishes have not yet been included in the IGI or VRI; many Healds lost or mistranscribed in both the 1881 and 1901 censuses; and many more still to transcribe at FreeBMD (latest progress). Just because there is only one Heald listed in a given place with a given name at a particular date, it is not necessarily safe to assume that they must definitely be the person you are looking for.

If there is any information you can add or correct, please contact me at j.heald@ucl.ac.uk.

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m.6May1749M105352John /WAINMAN/Saray /HELD/FylingdalesYKS
m.25Apr1770John /KIRK/Jane /HEALD/RaskelfYKS LDS A458287 & 458287
m.22Dec1771VRI2Henry /WHYTEHEAD/Ann /HELD/Scarborough, BTsYKS FHL 919206
m.19Feb1786VRI2Richard /SIMPSON/Jane /HELD/Scarborough, BTsYKS
m.8Apr1793M106412John /VERNON/Elizabeth /HELD/Scalby Near ScarboroughYKS
Ellen /HEALD/4Oct1732C058892John /HEALD/KnaresboroughYKS
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Sarah /HEALDS/30Jul1727VRISeth /HEALDS/WheldrakeYKS FHL 1068417
Anne /HEILDS/29Oct1727P009851Edward /HEILDS/York, All Saints PavementYKS
Edward /HEILDS/31Dec1730P009851Edward /HEILDS/York, All Saints PavementYKS
Anne /HEILDS/1May1734P009851Edward /HEILDS/York, All Saints PavementYKS
Elizabeth /HIELDS/7Apr1728C071632Anthony /HIELDS/HeslingtonYKS
m.26Nov1728M009711William /SWANN/Anne /HIELDS/York, Saint LaurenceYKS
m.7May1729M060831Tho. /CARTWRIGHT/Ellen /HEALD/Long MarstonYKS
m.4Nov1729M009411William /HELDS/Hannah /JOHNSON/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
Thomas /HELDS/6Oct1730P009411William /HELDS/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
William /HELDS/25Nov1733P009411William /HELDS/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
John /HEELD/11May1735P009411William /HEELD/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
Hannah /HEELDS/13Jun1736P009411William /HEELDS/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
Ann /HEELD/1Mar1738P009411William /HEELD/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
Elizabeth /HEELDS/30Dec1740P009411William /HEELDS/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
m.2Apr1730M071632Thomas /HIELD/Elizabeth /SMITHSON/HeslingtonYKS PR marr // he of Tollerton
William /HIELD/12Sep1737C071632Thomas /HIELD/HeslingtonYKS(bur 30 Oct 1737 -PR bur) PR bap
Jane /HIELDS/25Sep1738C071632Thomas /HIELDS/HeslingtonYKS
Anne /HIELDS/13Aug1731P009711Tho. /HIELDS/York, Saint LaurenceYKS
m.8Jun1731M004341Francis /HEALD/Hannah /WADE/York, Saint DenisYKS
Frances /HEILD/24Apr1732C073782Frank /HEILD/AlneYKS
m.16Nov1732M012071John /HEELD/Anne /BRADLEY/HoltbyYKS REL 15
Elizabeth /HEELD/11Dec1733P004971Jno. /HEELD/Upper HelmsleyYKS
Mary /HEELD/26May1736P004971Jno. /HEELD/Upper HelmsleyYKS
John /HEELD/10Sep1738P004971Jno. /HEELD/Upper HelmsleyYKS
Elizabeth /HEELD/31Aug1740P004971Jno. /HEELD/Upper HelmsleyYKS
John /HEELD/1Nov1742P004971John /HEELD/Upper HelmsleyYKS
Richard /HEELD/17May1747P006001Jno. /HEELD/Holtby & WarthillYKS(m. Frances /ROBINSON/ 1778 -REL; bur Escrick 8 Aug 1817 aged 70 -NBI) REL 15
Wm. /HIELDS/23Jan1737P009711John /HIELDS/York, Saint LaurenceYKS
Sarah /HIELDS/4Mar1738C071632John /HIELDS/HeslingtonYKS
m.23Nov1732M071842William /HEILD/Mary /THOMSON/RufforthYKS
m.3Mar1735M009411John /JOHNSON/Alice /HEILD/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
Alice /HIELD/15Dec1738P009711Richd. /HIELD/York, Saint LaurenceYKS
Mary /HEILDS/14Mar1741C009172Richard /HEILDS/York, Saint Martin And Saint GregoryYKS
Ann /HEILDS/27Apr1744C108782Richard /HEILDS/York, All Saints Pavement And Saint Peter YKS
John /HEELD/13Aug1739C105283Thos. /HEELD/Newton Upon OuseYKS
Thomas /HEILD/19Apr1741C105283Thomas /HEILD/Newton Upon OuseYKS
Mary /HEILD/1Sep1742C105283Thos. /HEILD/Newton Upon OuseYKS
Jane /HIELD/13Jul1747C105283Thomas /HIELD/Newton Upon OuseYKS
Jane /HEALD/ Abt.1749Thomas /HEALD/Woods, Of LintonYKS LDS 448052
William /HIELD/6Jan1742C073782Hanah /HIELD/AlneYKS
m.14Oct1742Edward /BURTHOM/Ann /HIELD/AlneYKS LDS batch 7816690
m.13Nov1743M105722Thomas /HEELD/Ann /LINTON/BossallYKS
Thomas /HEILDS/3Jun1747C071842Thomas /HEILDS/AnneRufforthYKS
Alice /HEILDS/6May1750C071842Thomas /HEILDS/AnnRufforthYKS
Ann /HIELDS/24Mar1754C071842Thomas /HIELDS/AnnRufforthYKS
William /HIELD/16Jul1758C071842Thomas /HIELD/AnnRufforthYKS
Mark /HIELD/8May1763C071842Thomas /HIELD/AnnRufforthYKS
William /HIELD/29Apr1745P011101Jonathan /HIELD/York, Holy Trinity MicklegateYKS
m.28May1747M073782William /STEEL/Mary /HIELD/AlneYKS
m.31Jan1749M010841John /HIELD/Mary /MASSAM/York, Christ-Church & Holy Trinity Kings CYKS & VRI FHL 1068426
m.17Feb1750M105392John /WETHERELL/Jane /HIELD/Overton By OuseYKS
Mary /HIELD/26Aug1755C073782John /HIELD/AlneYKS
John /HIELD/23May1759C073782John /HIELD/AlneYKS
Mary /HEILDS/19Jan1755C039611John /HEILDS/AcombYKS
Sarah /HEILDS/21Aug1757C039611John /HEILDS/AcombYKS
John /HEILDS/2Sep1760C039611John /HEILDS/AcombYKS
Thomas /HEILDS/14Aug1763C039611John /HEILDS/AcombYKS
Joseph /HEILDS/30Aug1765C039611John /HEILDS/AcombYKS(bur 23 Jun 1836 aged 73 -NBI)
Thomas /HEILDS/13Mar1768C039611John /HEILDS/HannahAcombYKS
Sarah /HEILDS/13Dec1758C009172Richard /HEILDS/York, Saint Martin And Saint GregoryYKS
m.22May1760M105482William /COOKSHAW/Mary /HIELDS/WheldrakeYKS
Ann /HEALD/ Abt.1743- (m. William /CLARK/)AdwickYKS LDS 471811
m.12Jun1764William /CLARK/Ann /HEALD/Adwick Le StreetYKS LDS A537203 & 537204
Elizabeth /HEILDS/28Nov1765C009172Ann /HEILDS/York, Saint Martin And Saint GregoryYKS
m.14Jul1767M009172Edmund /HILL/Ann /HEILD/York, Saint Martin And Saint GregoryYKS
m.31Dec1766M060831William /HIELD/Ellen /GILL/Long MarstonYKS
m.23Nov1767M071842Robert /JOY/Ann /HIELD/RufforthYKS
m.13Mar1768M073782John /HIELD/Jane /MILLNES/AlneYKS
John /HIELD/12Jan1769C073782John /HIELD/AlneYKS
Jane /HIELD/16Oct1770C073782John /HIELD/AlneYKS
Betty /HIELD/2Oct1772C073782John /HIELD/AlneYKS
Thomas /HEILDS/23Sep1775C073992John /HEILDS/WiggintonYKS
Sally /HEILD/14Jun1778C073992John /HEILD/JaneWiggintonYKS
Thomas /HEALDE/  1778C105582John /HEALDE/Sutton On The ForestYKS
Mary /HEALDE/14Sep1779C105582John /HEALDE/Sutton On The ForestYKS
m.27Nov1769M105283Henry /HAWKINS/Mary /HIELD/Newton Upon OuseYKS
m.1May1775M039611William /HARDCASTLE/Mary /HEILDS/AcombYKS
m.10Apr1775M105562Thomas /HEELD/Ann /JARMAIN/FarlingtonYKS
Mary /HIELD/28Apr1782C109022Thomas /HIELD/AnnStrensallYKS
William /HEILD/23Nov1784C109022Thomas /HEILD/AnnStrensallYKS
John /HIELD/22Oct1790C109022Thomas /HIELD/AnnStrensallYKS
m.23Nov1776M071842David /HICK/Alice /HIELD/RufforthYKS
m.19May1778M105133Richd. /HEELD/Frances /ROBINSON/EscrickYKS REL 15 // b. 1747 -REL
William /HIELD/21Feb1779C106912Richard /HIELD/WilberfossYKS
Hannah /HIELD/11Nov1780C106912Richard /HIELD/WilberfossYKS
Alice /HIELD/8May1782C106912Richard /HIELD/WilberfossYKS
Richard /HIELD/20May1783C106912Richard /HIELD/WilberfossYKS
Jane /HIELDS/11Mar1787C106912Richard /HIELDS/WilberfossYKS
Thomas /HEELD/18May1788C105133Richard /HEELD/FrancesEscrickYKS
Edward /HEELD/22Sep1790C105133Richard /HEELD/FrancesEscrickYKS(d. 1844 -REL) REL 15
Ruth /HEELD/26Oct1792C105133Richard /HEELD/FrancesEscrickYKS
Elisabeth /HEELD/16Oct1795C105133Richard /HEELD/ElisabethEscrickYKS
Elizabeth /HIELD/ Abt1796VRIRichard /HIELD/<Dunnington Near York>YKS(m. Edward /ROBINSON/) FHL 1068322
George /HEILD/18May1800C105133Richard /HEILD/ElisabethEscrickYKS(m1 Ann /LAYTON/, Hemingbrough 1829; m2 Margaret /GILBERTSON/ 1842; bur. Chapel Haddlesey, Mar 1848, aged 47 -MI)
m.23Oct1783M106612Wm. /HIELD/Elizabth. /HESSEL/Catton Near YorkYKS
m.15Sep1789M039611Francis /SHEPHERD/Mary /HEILDS/AcombYKS
m.30Nov1789M039611George /CALVERT/Sarah /HEILDS/AcombYKS
m.24Aug1788M039611John /HEILDS/Jenny /JENNINGS/AcombYKS
m.30Nov1789Thomas /HEILDS/Ann /WILSON/AcombYKS LDS batch 7013109
George /HEILDS/22Oct1790C039611Thomas /HEILDS/AnnAcombYKS
John /HEILDS/22Oct1790C039611Thomas /HEILDS/AnnAcombYKS
Joseph /HEILDS/6May1792C039611Thomas /HEILDS/AnnAcombYKS
Hannah /HEILDS/15Jul1794C039611Thomas /HEILDS/AnnAcombYKS
Francis /HEILDS/21Aug1796C039611Thomas /HEILDS/Ann /WILSON/AcombYKS
Hannah /HEILDS/10Jun1798C039611Thomas /HEILDS/Ann /WILSON/AcombYKS
Francis /HEILDS/6Dec1800C039611Thomas /HEILDS/Ann /WILSON/AcombYKS(bur 27 Jul 1825 aged 24 -NBI)
John /HIELD/ Abt.1766- (m. Jane /HOLT/)Yorks., Of Holy TrinityYKS LDS 447955 // should be 1759 -NBI
m. Abt.1791John /HIELD/Jane /HOLT/York, of Holy TrinityYKS LDS 459017
John /HIELDS/9Jul1789C105242John /HIELDS/Jane /HOLT/HuntingtonYKS
Mary /HIELD/29Dec1792John /HIELD/Jane /HOLT/Holy Trinity YorksYKS LDS 447955
John /HIELD/18Dec1797John /HIELD/Jane /HOLT/Holy Trinity Yorks.YKS LDS 447955
Joseph /HIELD/18Mar1800John /HIELD/Jane /HOLT/Holy Trinity Yorks.YKS LDS 447955
Thomas /HIELDS/9Jul1789C105242John /HIELDS/Jane /HOLT/HuntingtonYKS
Mary /HIELDS/29Dec1792P010981John /HIELDS/Jane [/HOLT/]York, Holy Trinity GoodramgateYKS LDS 459017
Sarah /HIELDS/11May1795P010981John /HIELDS/JaneYork, Holy Trinity GoodramgateYKS(bur 17 Feb 1821 aged 25 -NBI)
John /HIELDS/18Dec1797P010981John /HIELDS/Jane [/HOLT/]York, Holy Trinity GoodramgateYKS LDS 459017
Joseph /HIELD/28Mar1800John /HIELD/Jane /HOLT/York, Holy TrinityYKS LDS 459017
Joseph /HIELDS/28Aug1800P010981John /HIELDS/JaneYork, Holy Trinity GoodramgateYKS
m.17Oct1792M011013John /HEILD/Ann /JACKSON/York, Saint CruxYKS
William /HIELD/24Nov1793C073782John /HIELD/Ann /JACKSON/AlneYKS
Mary /HIELD/29Dec1794C073782John /HIELD/Ann /JACKSON/AlneYKS
m.8Nov1792M073782William /HIELD/Ann /HAMMONS/AlneYKS
William /HEILDS/31Aug1794C039611Joseph /HEILDS/AnnAcombYKS
Hannah /HEILDS/11Dec1796C039611Joseph /HEILDS/Ann /MAKING/AcombYKS
Mary /HEILDS/27May1798C039611Joseph /HEILDS/Ann /MAKING/AcombYKS
George /HEILDS/8Jun1800C039611Joseph /HEILDS/Ann /MAKING/AcombYKS
Thomas /HIELD/16Mar1795C109032Jane /HIELD/HaxbyYKS
m.13Mar1796M108672John /WILSON/Mary /HIELDS/York, Saint SampsonYKS
m.11Nov1798M039611John /HEILDS/Elizabeth /KIRK/AcombYKS
Elizabeth /HEILDS/19Oct1800C039611John /HEILDS/Elizabeth /KIRK/AcombYKS
m.1Dec1800M060831Robert /BOSTLAND/Elizabeth /HIELD/Long MarstonYKS
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Mary /HELD/17Jul1730C106382Tho. /HELD/AnnNaffertonYKS
m.1Feb1762M106382Thomas /HIELDS/Sarah /CUTE/NaffertonYKS
Thomas /HIELDS/19Dec1763C106382Thos. /HIELDS/SarahNaffertonYKS
Thomas /HIELD/15Dec1769C106382Thos. /HIELD/SarahNaffertonYKS
Mary /HEILDS/8Apr1773C106382Thomas /HEILDS/SarahNaffertonYKS
John /HEILDS/4Jan1775C106382Thomas /HEILDS/SarahNaffertonYKS
Robert /HEILDS/14Sep1777C106382Thomas /HEILDS/SarahNaffertonYKS
Thomas /HIELDS/29Nov1779C106382Robert /HIELDS/SarahNaffertonYKS
m.25Jan1758Thomas /HELD/Saby Ann /MARTIN/Kingston Upon Hull, Holy TrinityYKS LDS batch 7900930
m.27Sep1796M107523Frederick /HELDT/Isabella /NICHOLSON/Kingston Upon Hull, Saint MaryYKS
Jane /HELDT/8Jun1798C107523Frederick /HELDT/IsabellaKingston Upon Hull, Saint MaryYKS
m.26Aug1798M105873William /HIELD/Etty /CARTMAN/BridlingtonYKS
# -- LEEDS and ROTHWELL --
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m.25May1762M009353Dudley /ROCKETT/Sarah /HEALD/OtleyYKS
m.11Dec1739M009621William /HEALD/Sarah /FENTON/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR xxx // to Wakefield 1743 ?
m.8Jan1742PRJohn /HEALD/Ann /HEPWORTH/LeedsYKS PR xxx LDS batch 7018313
Bethiah /HEALD/24Jul1746P009621John /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS(bur. 4 Oct 1747 -PR xxx) PR xxx
bur.19Sep1746PRJohn /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR xxx
Ann /HEALD/ Abt.1726- (m. Thomas /THOMPSON/)LeedsYKS LDS 445806 // or m1 John /HEALD/ ?
m.25Nov1747PRThomas /THOMPSON/Ann /HEALD/Leeds, St. John'sYKS PR xxx LDS A456810
m.23Apr1750M010613James /BLEASBY/Deborah /HEALD/RothwellYKS
David /HEALD/16Nov1759P009782John /HEALD/HellenWhitkirkYKS
James /HEALD/17Nov1782J009624John /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS
m.7Feb1769Benjamin /BULMER/Ann /HEALD/RothwellYKS LDS A184645 & 184215 & 183553 (rel. Abraham SMURTHWAITE JR.)
Martha Esther /HIELD/10Jun1776K140011- Leeds, Saint Marys Lady Lane CatholicYKS
m.17Feb1777M009624William /HEALD/Hannah /TABERAN/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS
Grace /HEALD/4Jul1784P010611William /HEALD/HannahRothwellYKS
James /HEALD/ Abt.1776- (m. Anne /CHILD/)Leeds, Of RothwellYKS LDS 451111
James /HEALD/ Abt1778CEN- (m. Anne [/CHILDE/] 1801)MiddletonYKS CEN 1851
m.2Sep1783M010613John /HEALD/Margaret /WHINER/RothwellYKS
m.14Jun1784M010613John /HEALD/Esabell /EVERS/RothwellYKS REL 21 // see also 1802
Mary /HEALD/28Oct1787P010611John /HEALD/IsabellaRothwellYKS
John /HEALD/28Feb1790P010611John /HEALD/IsabellaRothwellYKS
Elisabeth /HEALD/24Apr1791P010611John /HEALD/IsabellaRothwellYKS
Grace /HEALD/6Apr1794P010611John /HEALD/IsabellaRothwellYKS
Robert /HEALD/2Apr1797P010611John /HEALD/IsabellaRothwellYKS
Bella /HEALD/1Dec1799P010611John /HEALD/IsabellaRothwellYKS
m.31Aug1789M009624John /HEALD/Hannah /THORNILL/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS
William /HEALD/16Jun1799C009628William /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt.1786- (m. Samuel /CALVERT/)RothwellYKS LDS 442384
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1799FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1873)<Hunslet>YKS GRO 9b 214
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m.11Mar1781M107657George /PIGHLES/Mary /HEALD/BradfordYKS
Elisabeth /HEALD/22Jun1777C107852Richard /HEALD/Sowerby BridgeYKS
John /HEALD/30Nov1794C007495Hannah /HEALD/HalifaxYKS
Thomas /HEALD/16Sep1798C007495Hannah /HEALD/HalifaxYKS
m.28Jun1796M007493John /HEALD/Sarah /BEVERLEY/HalifaxYKS
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Thomas /HEALD/17Jul1726VRI2Thomas /HEALD/KirkheatonYKS FHL 990704
m.  1730Job /HEALD/Ann /HOLLINGSWORTH/KirkburtonYKS AFN:1QKV-M56; // b. 1708
Dolley /HEALD/7Sep1737VRI2Job /HEALD/HolmfirthYKS FHL 990701
Thomas /HEALD/3Nov1739VRI2Job /HEALD/[Ann /HOLLINGSWORTH/]Holmfirth [Kirkburton]YKS(m. Mary /CHARLESWORTH/ 1761 -AF) AFN:1QKV-M2K; FHL 990701 LDS 2078148
Lidia /HEALD/4Sep1742VRI2Job /HEALD/HolmfirthYKS FHL 990701
Daniel /HEALD/20Oct1744VRI2Job /HEALD/HolmfirthYKS FHL 990701
Fanny /HEALD/7Mar1746VRI2Job /HEALD/HolmfirthYKS FHL 990701
m.16Jan1732M107872John /HOYLE/Martha /HEALD/CumberworthYKS
m.23Nov1732VRI2Richard /HOLMS/Mary /HEALD/KirkheatonYKS FHL 990704
m.2May1738M018501John /RICHARDSON/Elizab. /HEALD/Huddersfield, Saint PeterYKS
m.27Oct1746VRI2John /COLLISON/Ann /HEALD/KirkheatonYKS FHL 990704
m.1Jul1761VRI2Thomas /HEALD/Mary /CHARLESWORTH/KirkburtonYKS AFN:1QKV-M2K; FHL 990701 LDS 6142840 // b. 1739
John /HEALD/18Apr1765VRI2Thomas /HEALD/[Mary /CHARLESWORTH/]KirkburtonYKS(m. Sarah /MOOREHOUSE/ Bef 1789; d. 1819 -AF; bur 23 May aged 54 -NBI) AFN:1QKV-LZ0; FHL 990701
Ann /HEALD/25Dec1767VRI2Thomas /HEALD/KirkburtonYKS FHL 990701
James /HEALD/24Dec1766PRThomas /HEALD/HartsheadYKS PR bap
Hannah /HEALD/26Nov1769PRThomas /HEALD/[Sarah]Hartshead, FallYKS PR bap
Thomas /HEALD/ Bef1780PRThomas /HEALD/[Sarah]Hartshead, FallYKS(bur. 2 Apr 1780 -PR bur)
John /HEALD/ Bef1781PRThomas /HEALD/[Sarah]Hartshead, FallYKS(bur. 5 Feb 1781 -PR bur)
Sarah /HEALD/ Bef1781PRThomas /HEALD/[Sarah]Hartshead, FallYKS(bur. 18 Nov 1781 -PR bur)
bur.23Aug1786PRSarah /HEALD/Hartshead, FallYKS PR bur // wf of Thomas
bur.2Jun1789PRThomas /HEALD/HartsheadYKS PR bur
m.26Oct1767VRI2Joseph /LOCKWOOD/Frances /HEALD/KirkburtonYKS FHL 990701
m.9Sep1787George /HEALD/Nanny /HEALD/HartsheadYKS LDS 184200
m.9Sep1787PRGeorge /HIRST/Nanny /HEALD/HartsheadYKS PR marr LDS A170524 & 183540 (rel. John HIRST)
Frances /HEALD/19Jul1792P012721Nanny /HEALD/KirkheatonYKS
m. Bef1789John /HEALD/Sarah /MOOREHOUSE/KirkburtonYKS AFN:1QKV-LZ0; // b. 1765
Thomas /HEALD/7Jun1789VRI2John /HEALD/[Sarah /MOOREHOUSE/]KirkburtonYKS(m1 Fanny /GOLDTHORPE/ 1818;m2 Mary /CASTLE/ 1823; d. 1864 -AF) AFN:1QKV-LVC; CEN 1841 CEN 1851 FHL 990701
Job /HEALD/4Jun1791VRI2John /HEALD/HolmfirthYKS FHL 990701
Timothy /HEALD/20Jan1794C086111John /HEALD/SarahHolmfirth, WesleyanYKS(m. Sarah /BOOTH/ 1815)
John /HEALD/6Jul1796C086111John /HEALD/SarahHolmfirth [Kirkburton], WesleyanYKS(m. Rachel /MOSLEY/ 1818) CEN 1841 (Kirkburton) CEN 1851 (Kirkburton)
# -- DEWSBURY --
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m.13Jul1729John /LONGLEY/Hannah /HEALD/DewsburyYKS LDS A459082 & 459086
Frances /HEALD/31Jan1731P010051Martha /HEALD/MirfieldYKS
John /HEALD/5Apr1731- (m. Judith /MARGETSON/ 1763)<Dewsbury>YKS REL 22
m.26Sep1731John /HEALD/Hannah /AVEYARD/West ArdsleyYKS LDS A458655; LDS 458655
James /HEALD/16Jul1732C041641John /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
William /HEALD/24Mar1733C041641John /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
Hannah /HEALD/4May1735C041641John /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
Mary /HEALD/6Aug1738C041641John /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/7Jun1741C041641John /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
Henry /HEALD/9May1744C009053John /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/1Jan1747C009053John /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
Sarah /HEALD/5Jun1748C041641John /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
REBECCA /HEALD/ Abt.1712- <dewsbury>YKS LDS 1903829
m.24Jun1733John /WOFFINDEN/Rebecca /HEALD/<dewsbury>YKS LDS 177932 & 178001 & 1904031
m.24Jun1733John /WOOFFINDEN/Rebecca /HEALD/BirstallYKS LDS 178083
m.18Aug1737M010053James /WILLANS/Rebecca /HEALD/MirfieldYKS LDS 177924 & 177996
m.24Sep1738M009053Benjamin /HEALD/Sarah /CROWTHER/DewsburyYKS
Mary /HEALD/21Jan1739C009053Benjamin /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
Robert /HEALD/22Feb1740C009053Benjamin /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
Hannah /HEALD/2Oct1745C009053Benjamin /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
Hannah /HEALD/12Apr1747C009053Benjamin /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
Grace /HEALD/17Jul1748C009053Benjamin /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
m.6Feb1744Thomas /HEALD/Elizabeth /PARKER/BatleyYKS LDS A458591 & 458591
Sarah /HEALD/20May1750C108082Thomas /HEALD/BatleyYKS
m.26Mar1743M009053John /ROTHWELL/Sarah /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
m.16Jul1744M009053Henry /HEALD/Judith /IBBERSON/DewsburyYKS
John /HEALD/20Jul1745C009053Henry /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
Joseph /HEALD/21Mar1746C009053Henry /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
Mally /HEALD/5Mar1748C009053Henry /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
John /HEALD/9Mar1750C009053Henry /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
George /HEALD/25Dec1755C009053Henry /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
m.28Apr1745Sarah /HEALD/BatleyYKS LDS 177902 & 177987 (rel. Samuel Blackburn)
m.28Apr1746M108082Edmund /BLACKBOURN/Sarah /HEALD/BatleyYKS LDS A458812 & 458812
m.1Jan1749M009053John /HEALD/Martha /HAIGH/DewsburyYKS
m.31Dec1749M009053John /HEALD/Mary /DEWSE/DewsburyYKS
Anne /HEALD/29Jul1750C009053John /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
John /HEALD/25Nov1753C041641John /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
John /HEALD/30Apr1754C009053John /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
Joseph /HEALD/4Jul1756C009053John /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
m.28Oct1750M009053George /OAKES/Rachel /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
m.28Apr1751M009053John /KITSON/Frances /HEALDS/DewsburyYKS
m.1Jul1752M009053James /HEALD/Elianor /LODGE/DewsburyYKS
John /HEALD/11Mar1752C041641James /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
William /HEALD/26Mar1756C041641James /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
James /HEALD/16Sep1762C041641James /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
Sarah /HEALD/24May1767C041641James /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/10Jun1770C041641James /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
George /HEALD/30Mar1755P010051George /HEALD/MirfieldYKS
m.5Dec1756M009081Thomas /HEALD/Sarah /HOPKINSON/HartsheadYKS PR marr // she of Birstall
Nanny /HEALD/6Mar1757C108112Thomas /HEALD/BirstallYKS
Sarah /HEALD/24Dec1758C107602Thomas /HEALD/CleckheatonYKS
Mary /HEALD/13Apr1760C108113Thomas /HEALD/BirstallYKS
Thomas /HEALD/25Oct1761C108113Thomas /HEALD/BirstallYKS
John /HEALD/8May1763C108113Thomas /HEALD/BirstallYKS
James /HEALD/24Dec1766P009081Thomas /HEALD/HartsheadYKS
Hannah /HEALD/26Nov1769P009081Thomas /HEALD/HartsheadYKS
m.21Jul1757M009053Henry /HEALD/Frances /THOMAS/DewsburyYKS
m.11Jan1761M009053Joseph /HARGRAVE/Mary /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
Hannah /HEELD/  1735- (m. Whitaker /LUMB/)West Ardsley, Of BeggaringtonYKS LDS 448026
m.  1761Whitaker /LUMB/Hannah /HEELD/West ArdsleyYKS LDS 458655
m.13May1761M041641Whitaker /LUMB/Hannah /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
John /HEALD/17Jan1763C041641Mary /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
Judith /MARGETSON/16Sep1733- KirkthorpeYKS (Rel)
m.31May1763M108332John /HEALD/Judith /MARGETSON/WarmfieldYKS REL 22 // b. 1731
John /HEALD/17Oct1764C009053John /HEALD/DewsburyYKS(b. 10 Sep 1764; m. Jane /GREENWOOD/ 1807; d. 27 Jan 1843 -REL; bur 3 Feb aged 78 -NBI) CEN 1841
William Margetson /HEALD/19Feb1767C009053John /HEALD/DewsburyYKS(b. 11 Jan 1767; m. Harriet /GREENWOOD/ 1801; d. 13 Jan 1837 -REL; bur Birstall 20 Jan aged 70 -NBI) UNIV Cam 1790 REL 22
m.18Jul1764M009053John /HEALD/Sarah /MUSGRAVE/DewsburyYKS
m.17Aug1773M108113John /HEALD/Sarah /CLAYTON/BirstallYKS
m.11Jun1775M009053John /HEALD/Ann /FOZARD/DewsburyYKS
m.20Nov1766M108082John /HEALD/Esther /FOX/BatleyYKS
Thomas /HEALD/8Nov1767C108082John /HEALD/BatleyYKS
John /HEALD/25Dec1770C108082John /HEALD/BatleyYKS
Joseph /HEALD/ Mar1773C108082John /HEALD/BatleyYKS
John /HEALD/25Dec1774C041641John /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
Esther /HEALD/19Nov1775C108082John /HEALD/BatleyYKS
m.7Oct1765M041641Andrew /BECKWITH/Mary /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
m.26Jul1767M108082Thomas /OXLEY/Sarah /HEALD/BatleyYKS
m.21Aug1769M041641Seal /WILKINSON/Sarah /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
m.4Dec1769M009053Robert /HEALD/Elizabeth /HALL/DewsburyYKS
John /HEALD/ Feb1771C108082Robert /HEALD/BatleyYKS
Sally /HEALD/12Apr1773C009053Robert /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
Fanny /HEALD/22Mar1776C009053Robert /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
Betty /HEALD/19Mar1777C009053Robert /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
William /HEALD/3Nov1779C009055Robert /HEALD/DewsburyYKS VRI2
m.10Jun1770M009053John /WILBY/Elizabeth /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
Sarah /DEWSE/2Nov1754REL- (m. James /HEALD/)Dewsbury, All SaintsYKS
m.25Dec1775M009053James /HEALD/Sarah /DEWSE/DewsburyYKS REL 23 24 25
David /HEALD/4Jun1776VRI2James /HEALD/SarahOssettYKS(b. 24 May 1776; m. Ann /RAMSDEN/ 1797) FHL 828149
Mary /HEALD/19Apr1778VRI2James /HEALD/SarahOssettYKS(b. 17 Mar 1778, m. John /SMITH/ 1803 -REL) FHL 828149
Mary /HEALD/19Apr1778C087202James /HEALD/SarahOssett, Ossett Green Independent CongregatioYKS
Mary /HEALD/ Abt.1782- (m. John /SMITH/)DewsburyYKS LDS 1235197
Hannah /HEALD/29Jun1780VRI2James /HEALD/SarahOssettYKS(b. 27 May 1780; children Nathan 1800, Rachel 1805, Joseph 1810; m. Francis /SMITH/ 1810; d. Ossett, 4 Sep 1863 -REL) FHL 828149 REL 23
Hannah /HEALD/29Jun1780C087202James /HEALD/SarahOssett, Ossett Green Independent CongregatioYKS
John /HEALD/19Oct1783VRI2James /HEALD/SarahOssettYKS(b. 22 Aug 1783; m. Ann /BROADBENT/ NTT, 1810; d. 9 Jan 1862) CEN 1851 (Knottingley) FHL 828149 REL 25
Sarah /HEALD/30Apr1786VRI2James /HEALD/SarahOssettYKS(b. 2 Apr 1786) FHL 828149
Ann /HEALD/24Feb1789C087201James /HEALD/SarahOssett, Ossett Green Independent CongregatioYKS(b. 22 Dec 1788 -REL)
Abigal /HEALD/8Jan1792C087201James /HEALD/SarahOssett, Ossett Green Independent CongregatioYKS(bur. Ossett, 11 May 1833 -REL)
Rachel /HEALD/22Sep1793C087201James /HEALD/SarahOssett, Ossett Green Independent CongregatioYKS(b. 12 Sep 1793 -REL)
Isaac /HEALD/10Feb1795RELJames /HEALD/SarahOssett, Ossett Green Independent CongregatioYKS
m.17Aug1777M108113John /HEALD/Grace /SMITH/BirstallYKS
Samuel /HEALD/26Jul1778C108082John /HEALD/GraceBatleyYKS(bur 5 May 1807 aged 29 -NBI)
Sarah /HEALD/30Nov1783C108082John /HEALD/GraceBatleyYKS
Thomas /HEALD/17Apr1786C108082John /HEALD/GraceBatleyYKS(bur 27 Feb 1840 aged 54 -NBI)
John /HEALD/27Jul1790C086051Jno. /HEALD/GraceHeckmondwike, Old Chapel IndependentYKS
John /HEALD/ Abt1790CEN- (m. Ann /WILKINSON/ 1812)BatleyYKS CEN 1841 CEN 1851
Grace /HEALD/2Apr1793C108082John /HEALD/GraceBatleyYKS
Mary Abt1759- (m. Joseph /HEALD/; bur. 28 Mar 1820)<Dewsbury>YKS MISC YKS
Joseph /HEALD/9Dec1781C009055Joseph /HEALD/DewsburyYKS VRI2
Henry /HEALD/4Dec1796C009055Joseph /HEALD/MaryDewsburyYKS VRI2
m.1Apr1782M041641David /HEALD/Hannah /FIELD/WoodkirkYKS
Benjamin /HEALD/23Mar1783C041641David /HEALD/HannahWoodkirkYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/5Jun1785C041641David /HEALD/HannahWoodkirkYKS
Molly /HEALD/4Nov1787C041641David /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
Ann /HEALD/8Aug1790P006161David /HEALD/East ArdsleyYKS
Hannah /HEALD/21Oct1792P006161David /HEALD/East ArdsleyYKS
m.12Jun1782M108113Thomas /HEALD/Hannah /WORMALD/BirstallYKS
m.15Jun1783M009053Mark /PICKERD/Hannah /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
m.24Dec1792M041641Joshua /WAINWRIGHT/Sarah /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
m. Sep1794M009053James /HEALD/Susanna /DEWS/DewsburyYKS
m.26Jun1796M041641John /WAINWRIGHT/Elizabeth /HEALD/WoodkirkYKS
m.3Oct1796M009053Thomas /ILLINGWORTH/Hannah /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
Ann /RAMSDEN/30Mar1778REL- (m. David /HEALD/)OssettYKS
m.16Jul1797M009053David /HEALD/Ann /RAMSDEN/DewsburyYKS // b. 1776; see also 1803
Joseph /HEALD/6Jun1798C087201David /HEALD/AnnOssett, Ossett Green Independent CongregatioYKS(b. 16 Apr 1798)
John /HEALD/17Dec1800C087201David /HEALD/NancyOssett, Ossett Green Independent CongregatioYKS(b. 18 Nov 1800; m. Sarah /BARKER/ 1827 -REL; d. bef 1831 -REL)
John /HEALD/ Abt1805- (m. Sarah /BARKER/ 1827)Ossett, <Storrs Hill>YKS AFN:CSBH-8H; LDS --
Nathan /HEALD/14Jul1800RELHannah /HEALD/Dewsbury, All SaintsYKS(m. Sarah /BUTTERFIELD/ 1822 -REL; d. Ossett, abt 1878 -REL) REL 23 // mother b. 1780
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Sarah /HEALD/  1726RELEbenezar /HEALD/Sarah /LUPTON/WakefieldYKS(m. James /JOHNSON/ 1759; d. 1 Oct 1792 or 1 Dec 1794, aged 68 -REL) LDS 1903702
William /HEALD/  1728RELEbenezar /HEALD/Sarah /LUPTON/WakefieldYKS(b. 28 Mar 1728; m. Hannah /BURRELL/ 1759; d. 16 Nov 1786, aged 57 -REL) OCC Grocer LDS 1904027 REL 16
Hannah /HEALD/  1733RELEbenezar /HEALD/Sarah /LUPTON/WakefieldYKS(d. unm. 7 Nov 1778, aged 45 -REL) LDS 1903702
Ebenezar /HEALD/ Abt.1735RELEbenezar /HEALD/Sarah /LUPTON/WakefieldYKS(d. young) LDS 1903702 // or abt 1731 ?
Mary /HEALD/11Oct1727P018301James /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
John /HEALD/22Jun1726P018301Wm. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Deborah /HEALD/26Jul1727P018301Wm. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
John /HEALD/11Sep1731P018301William /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.3Oct1728M018301Wm. /HEALD/Grace /FIELD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.29Aug1735M018302Jno. /ARNALD/Mary /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.4Aug1740M018302Will. /NOTHER/Mary /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Will. /HEALD/24Mar1743P018301Willm. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS // m. Leeds, 1739 ?
Samuel /HEALD/6Aug1744P018301Will. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Willm. /HEALD/28Jul1746P018301Willm. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Richd. /HEALD/17Jul1749P018301Will. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Sarah /HEALD/9Sep1751P018301Will. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Fenton /HEALD/29May1755P018301Wm. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Han. /HEALD/29May1755P018301Wm. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.24Nov1746M018302John /TAYLOR/Susanna /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.7May1750M018341John /MAJOR/Ann /HEALD/NormantonYKS
m.28May1751M018302Samuel /HEALD/Mary /WOODHEAD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Ann /HEALD/4Apr1752P018301Sam. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
John /HEALD/26Oct1754P018301Saml. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
William /HEALD/30May1757P018301Samuel /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Mary /HEALD/7Jul1759P018301Samuel /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Joseph /HEALD/26Dec1761P018301Saml. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
David /HEALD/13May1764P018301Samuell /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
John /HEALD/26Oct1754John /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS AFN:23HV-GSR; // or father = Samuel ?
Sarah /HEALD/27Mar1758P018301George /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m. Abt.1750James /JOHNSON/Sarah /HEALD/WakefieldYKS LDS 1903702
m.6Aug1759M018303James /JOHNSON/Sarah /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS OCC Tobacco Merchant // b. 1726
Hannah /BURRELL/ Abt1741REL- (m. William /HEALD/; d. 16 Mar 1795, aged 54 -REL)YKS
m. Abt.1762William /HEALD/Hannah /BURRELL/WakefieldYKS LDS 1903702
m.8Aug1759M018303William /HEALD/Hannah /BURRELL/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS REL 16 // b. 1728
Sarah /HEALD/1Feb1761RELWilliam /HEALD/Hannah /BURRELL/WakefieldYKS(m1 Robert /BROUGHTON/ 1783; m2 Charles /WHITE/ LIN, 1801; d. 28 Jan 1817, aged 56; bur. Mareham-on-the-Hill -REL) LDS 1903702
William /HEALD/17Apr1763C087581William /HEALD/Wakefield, West Gate PresbyterianYKS(b. 30 Mar 1763; m. Bridget /WALKER/ 1792; d. Horncastle, LIN 20 Apr 1822 -REL; bur 22 Apr -NBI) OCC Mercer
Ebenezer /HEALD/2Feb1765C087581William /HEALD/Wakefield, West Gate PresbyterianYKS(b. 18 Jan 1765; d. 30 Jul 1792 -REL) OCC Grocer
Timothy /HEALD/21May1767C087581William /HEALD/Wakefield, West Gate PresbyterianYKS(b. 5 May 1767; m. Mary /BURRELL/ 1793; bur. London -REL) OCC Grocer
Richard /HEALD/6Jul1769C087581William /HEALD/Wakefield, West Gate PresbyterianYKS(b. Jun 1769; d. 21 Mar 1770 -REL)
Richard Henry /HEALD/17Mar1771C087581William /HEALD/Wakefield, West Gate PresbyterianYKS(b. 20 Feb 1771; m. Sarah /LINLEY/ 1800; d. 1 Jul 1825 -REL) OCC Linen draper
Ruth /HEALD/16May1773C087581William /HEALD/Wakefield, West Gate PresbyterianYKS(b. Apr 1773; d. Horncastle 30 Apr 1796, aged 23 -REL)
Joseph /HEALD/14Apr1775C087581William /HEALD/Wakefield, West Gate PresbyterianYKS(b. 25 Mar 1775; m. Rachel /MARSDEN/ LND, 1800; d. 25 Feb 1842 -REL) REL 16
Hannah Margaret /HEALD/13Jul1777C087581Wm. /HEALD/Wakefield, West Gate PresbyterianYKS(b. 12 Jun 1777; m. Abraham Dunlin /PARKINSON/ LIN, Bef 1805; d. Wellingore, LIN 11 Nov 1840 -REL)
William /HEALD/ Abt.1749- (m. Ellen /CLEGG/)WakefieldYKS LDS 447892
John /HEALD/4Sep1762P018301William /HEALD/Ellen /CLEGG/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Thos. /HEALD/26Dec1767P018301Wm. /HEALD/Helen /CLEGG/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.7Feb1774William /HEALD/Ellen /CLEGG/WakefieldYKS LDS A457044 & 457047
Wm. /HEALD/4Feb1775P018301Wm. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.25Apr1779M018303John /HEALD/Hannah /BOLLONS/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
David /HEALD/18Apr1785P018302John /HEALD/HannahWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Sarah /HEALD/31Mar1766P018301John /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Saml. /HEALD/25Jun1768P018301John /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Fenton /HEALD/19May1770P018301John /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Ann /HEALD/4Jul1772P018301John /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Mary /HEALD/24Jun1774P018301John /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
John /HEALD/12Oct1776P018301John /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS AFN:23HV-GV6;
David /HEALD/11Feb1777P018301John /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS(m. Hannah /GREEN/ 1803) AFN:23HV-GP5;
David /HEALD/ Abt1776CEN- (widr bef 1851)WakefieldYKS CEN 1851 (Stanley)
Susannah /HEALD/20Feb1779P018301John /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Betty /HEALD/5Apr1779P018301John /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
William /HEALD/29Apr1780P018302John /HEALD/AnnWakefield, All SaintsYKS
John /HEALD/26Dec1781P018302John /HEALD/NancyWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Jonas /HELD/18Apr1784C087191John /HELD/Northowram, Congregational Or IndependentYKS
George /HEALD/2Sep1785P009391John /HEALD/Morley, Morley Congregational-NcYKS
Mary Ann /HEALD/21Feb1787C133681John /HEALD/AnnWakefield, New Or Zion IndependentYKS
Jane /WEBSTER/ Abt1716RELThos /WEBSTER/YKS(m1 John /BUXTON/; m2 Timothy /HEALD/; d. 7 Apr 1783, aged 67 -REL)
m. Abt.1750Timothy /HEALD/Jane /BUXTON/WakefieldYKS LDS 1903941
m.9Feb1764M018303Timothy /HEALD/Jane /BUXTON/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS // b. 1724
Mary /HEALD/8Jun1772P018301Joseph /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
John /HEALD/6Sep1777P018301Joseph /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Hannah /HEALD/30Jan1779P018301Joseph /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Moseph /HEALD/27Oct1781P018302Joseph /HEALD/Eliz.Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Henry /HEALD/30Apr1785P018302Joseph /HEALD/BettyWakefield, All SaintsYKS
George /HEALD/2Feb1788P018302Joseph /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
William /HEALD/16Nov1789P018302Joseph /HEALD/BettyWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Maria /HEALD/27Dec1790P018302Joseph /HEALD/BettyWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Ann /HEALD/5Jul1794P018302Joseph /HEALD/BettyWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1756- (m. Sarah /MOXON/ 1782)WakefieldYKS AFN:1ZQJ-GZW;
m.18Mar1782Joseph /HEALD/Sarah /MOXON/WakefieldYKS AFN:1ZQJ-GZW; LDS -- // b. 1756
Mary /HEALD/11Nov1783P018302Joseph /HEALD/SarahWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Thomas /HEALD/30Jul1785P018302Joseph /HEALD/SarahWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Betty /HEALD/5Feb1788P018302Joseph /HEALD/SarahWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Richard /HEALD/15Jan1790P018302Joseph /HEALD/SarahWakefield, All SaintsYKS
George /HEALD/ Abt1793FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1873)<Wakefield>YKS GRO 9c 33
George /HEALD/ Abt1793CEN- (m. Mary [/WOMACK/] 1815)WakefieldYKS CEN 1851
George /HEALD/1Apr1793P018302Joseph /HEALD/SarahWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Richard /HEALD/ Abt.1748- (m. Mary /BROOK/)WakefieldYKS LDS 453775
m.7Apr1773Richard /HEALD/Mary /BROOK/WakefieldYKS LDS A457103 & 457105
Wm. /HEALD/12Aug1775P018301Richard /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Deborah /HEALD/28Jan1779P018301Richard /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Betty /HEALD/8May1781P018302Richard /HEALD/MaryWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Mary /HEALD/28Oct1783P018302Richard /HEALD/MaryWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Richard /HEALD/1Sep1785P018302Richard /HEALD/MaryWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Hannah /HEALD/9Sep1788P018302Richard /HEALD/MaryWakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.23Nov1775M018303George /FARRAH/Mary /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.8Apr1778M018303Samuel /HEALD/Mary /PARKER/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.31Dec1778M018303John /BARBER/Ann /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.2Apr1782M018303John /HEALD/Elizabeth /SENIOR/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS REL 18
Sarah /HEALD/8Feb1783C133681John /HEALD/ElizabethWakefield, New Or Zion IndependentYKS
Sarah /HEALD/5Mar1783P018302Jan_ /HEALD/ElizabethWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Susannah /HEALD/4Jun1785P018302John /HEALD/ElizabethWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Jane /HEALD/31May1788P018302John /HEALD/ElizabethWakefield, All SaintsYKS
John /HEALD/27Apr1791P018302John /HEALD/ElizabethWakefield, All SaintsYKS(m. Harriet Bef 1814 -REL) CEN 1851 (Leeds) REL 18
William /HEALD/27Dec1793P018302John /HEALD/ElizabethWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/5Jul1796P004981John /HEALD/Elizabeth /SENIOR/Wakefield, Saint JohnYKS
Mary /HEALD/25Jun1784P018302John /HEALD/MaryWakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.28Aug1780M018303William /HEALD/Sarah /LAWTON/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
James /HEALD/1Jul1782P018302William /HEALD/SarahWakefield, All SaintsYKS
James /HEALD/ Abt1783CEN- (m. Hannah Bef 1803)WakefieldYKS CEN 1851 (Stanley)
Frances /HEALD/28Oct1785P018302Wm. /HEALD/SarahWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Betty /HEALD/19Jan1791P018302William /HEALD/SarahWakefield, All SaintsYKS
William /HEALD/12Nov1794P018302William /HEALD/SarahWakefield, All SaintsYKS
William /HEALD/ Abt1795CEN- (m. Sarah [WARD] 1818)WakefieldYKS CEN 1851 (Leeds)
Samuel /HEALD/15Sep1798P018302William /HEALD/SarahWakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.9Oct1780M018303Samuel /HEALD/Esther /BREAR/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Robert /BROUGHTON/  - (m. Sarah /HEALD/)HorncastleLIN OCC Farmer
m.22Oct1783M018303Robert /BROUGHTON/Sarah /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS LDS 1903702 // b. SaWiHa1Feb1761YKS
m.27Oct1785M007581Timothy /HEALD/Betty /MITCHELL/Horbury [Wakefield]YKS PR marr LDS 170627 & 170660 & 170710 & 177923 & 178021 (rel. Jonathan GLEDHILL) // see also 1803
Mary /HEALD/17Dec1785P007581Timothy /HEALD/HorburyYKS(bur. 28 Sep 1793 -PR bur) PR bap
David /HEALD/27Mar1789P007581Timothy /HEALD/HorburyYKS PR bap
David /HEALD/ Abt1792CEN- (m. Ellen [/HARTLEY/] 1807)HorburyYKS CEN 1851
Joshua /HEALD/21Nov1790PRTimothy /HEALD/HorburyYKS(bur. 18 Feb 1794 -PR bur) PR bap
John /HEALD/20May1793P007581Timothy /HEALD/HorburyYKS(bur. 14 Sep 1794 -PR bur) PR bap
Timothy /HEALD/27Mar1796P007581Timothy /HEALD/HorburyYKS PR bap
Joseph /HEALD/29Sep1799P007581Timothy /HEALD/BettyHorburyYKS PR bap
m.23Nov1785M018303Martin /SYKES/Mary /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1761- (m. Mary /SENIOR/)<Wakefield>YKS AFN:11LS-JS0; REL 28 29
m.25May1786M018303Thomas /HEALD/Mary /SENIOR/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS AFN:11LS-JS0; REL 28 29 // see also 1802
George /HEALD/9Apr1787P018302Thomas /HEALD/MaryWakefield, All SaintsYKS AFN:11LS-JVD;
Mary /HEALD/21Jul1790P018302Thomas /HEALD/MaryWakefield, All SaintsYKS AFN:11LS-JWL;
Elizabeth /HEALD/23Mar1792C133681Thomas /HEALD/MaryWakefield, New Or Zion IndependentYKS
Thomas /HEALD/3Jun1793P018302Thomas /HEALD/MaryWakefield, All SaintsYKS
Ann /HEALD/1May1797P018302Thomas /HEALD/MaryWakefield, All SaintsYKS AFN:11LS-JZ1;
m.17Jan1787M018341George /HEALD/Elizabeth /TURLAY/NormantonYKS
m.13Jun1791M018303John /WRIGHT/Mary /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Bridget /WALKER/10May1764RELThomas /WALKER/MaryYKS(m. William /HEALD/; d. 20 Nov 1810, aged 46.5 -REL)
m.5Mar1792M018303William /HEALD/Bridget /WALKER/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS // see also 1801
Mary Hannah /HEALD/7Jul1793RELWilliam /HEALD/Bridget<Wakefield>YKS(d. 7 Oct 1855, St. John's Wakefield -REL) CEN 1851
Ebenezer /HEALD/14Oct1794RELWilliam /HEALD/Bridget<Wakefield>YKS
Walter Walker /HEALD/26Jul1796C087581William /HEALD/Bridget<Wakefield>YKS(d. 30 Dec 1809, at sea en route to Malta -REL)
Anne /HEALD/23Apr1798RELWilliam /HEALD/BridgetWakefield, West Gate PresbyterianYKS(d. 4 Jan 1848 -REL)
Anne /HEALD/23Apr1799C087581William /HEALD/BridgetWakefield, West Gate PresbyterianYKS
William /HEALD/24Feb1800C087581William /HEALD/BridgetWakefield, West Gate PresbyterianYKS(d. Jamaica, 1832-33 -REL)
Mary /BURRELL/8Nov1771C087581Joseph /BURRELL/[Martha /BECKETT/]Wakefield, West Gate PresbyterianYKS(m. Timothy /HEALD/)
m. Abt.1790Timothy /HEALD/Mary /BURRELL/WakefieldYKS LDS 1903702
m.4Mar1793M018303Timothy /HEALD/Mary /BURRELL/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS // b. 1767; see also 1801; to London bef LND, 1812
Ruth /HEALD/10Jun1799C087581Timothy /HEALD/MaryWakefield, West Gate PresbyterianYKS(b. 7 May 1799 -REL; m. John Edmund /FLUTTER/ LND, 1828 ?)
Timothy /HEALD/1Jul1800C087581Timothy /HEALD/MaryWakefield, West Gate PresbyterianYKS(b. 7 Jun 1800 -REL; m. Elizabeth Isabella /TOMLINS/ LND, 1827 ?)
m.14Oct1793M018303Fenton /HEALD/Elizabeth /SIMS/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.28Jan1796M018303George /HEALD/Elizabeth /COULDWELL/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS // see also 1802
Ann /HEALD/31Dec1796P018302George /HEALD/ElizabethWakefield, All SaintsYKS
John /HEALD/9Feb1799P018302George /HEALD/ElizabethWakefield, All SaintsYKS
James /HEALD/ Abt1796CEN- (m. Mary [/CRAVEN/] 1835)StanleyYKS CEN 1851 (Wakefield)
m.27May1798William /HEALD/Elizabeth /HARRISON/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS LDS batch 7429534
Sarah /LINLEY/ Abt1780Samuel /LINLEY/FlanshawYKS(m. Richard Henry /HEALD/; d. 21 Dec 1848, aged 68) LDS 446357
m.10Mar1800RELRichard Henry /HEALD/Sarah /LINLEY/<Wakefield>YKS // b. 1771; see 1803
Susan /HEALD/ Abt.1783- (m. John /ELLIS/)WakefieldYKS LDS 446357
Mary /HEALD/ Abt1792FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1873)<Wakefield>YKS GRO 9c 25
Jane Abt1793CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1851)LethLAN CEN 1851 (Wakefield, YKS)
# -- BARNSLEY --
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John /HEALD/22Oct1759C017503George /HEALD/RoystonYKS
Thomas /HEALD/27Dec1761C017503George /HEALD/RoystonYKS
Susanna /HEALD/1Dec1766C017503George /HEALD/RoystonYKS
Thomas /HEALD/6Mar1774VRINathaneal /HEALD/AnneFriarmereYKS FHL 1484389
Mary Lees /HIELD/12May1793VRIDan /HIELD/HannahFriarmereYKS FHL 1484389
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William /HELD/ Abt1783CEN- BrothertonYKS CEN 1851 (Knottingley)
# -- OWSTON --
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Elizabeth /HEALD/12Jun1726C106812William /HEALD/[Elizabeth /PASHLEY/ or Alice]OwstonYKS AFN:19KR-J1J; VRI2 FHL 1545732
John /HEALD/30Jul1727C106812William /HEALD/OwstonYKS(bur. 19 Jan 1728\1729 -AF) AFN:19KR-J2Q; VRI2 FHL 1545732
Roger /HEALD/30Nov1729C106812William /HEALD/OwstonYKS(bur. 5 May 1730 -AF) AFN:19KR-J3X; VRI2 FHL 1545732
Samuel /HEALD/2May1731C106812William /HEALD/OwstonYKS(d. 28 May 1737 -AF) AFN:19KR-J45; VRI2 FHL 1545732
Alice /HEALD/23Dec1733C106812William /HEALD/OwstonYKS AFN:19KR-J5C; VRI2 FHL 1545732
Thomas /HEALD/1Aug1736C106812William /HEALD/OwstonYKS(m1 Dorothy /WALSH/ 1758; m2 Mary /WILKINSON/ 1779) AFN:19KR-J96; VRI2 FHL 1545732
Samuel /HEALD/13May1739C106812William /HEALD/OwstonYKS(bur. 17 Feb 1739\40 -AF) AFN:19KR-JF1; VRI2 FHL 1545732
Joseph /HEALD/15Feb1740VRI2William HealdOwston [Carcroft]YKS FHL 1545732 LDS 2034483
Anne /HEALD/7Nov1742C106812William /HEALD/OwstonYKS(m. John /GRANGER/ 1758) AFN:19KR-JJM; VRI2 FHL 1545732
m.15Nov1729PRWilliam /HEALD/Sarah /OXSPRING/DoncasterYKS PR marr // he of Adwick-le-Street, she of Arksey
m. Abt.1749William /HEALD/Mrs. William /HEALD/ArkseyYKS LDS F505073
m.30Jan1749William /HEALD/Mary /BOSTON/ArkseyYKS LDS batch 8929830
m.25Feb1749M106812William /HEALD/Anne /POOLE/OwstonYKS AFN:19KR-J0B; VRI2 FHL 1545732
Mary /HEALD/23Dec1750C106812William /HEALD/OwstonYKS(m. Robert /DUNSTON/ 1771) AFN:19KR-HVJ; VRI2 FHL 1545732
Mary /HEALD/  1750William /HEALD/Mrs. William /HEALD/ArkseyYKS LDS F505073
Elizabeth /HEALD/11Dec1751C106812William /HEALD/OwstonYKS AFN:19KR-HWQ; VRI2 FHL 1545732
m.26Oct1732M009861Thos. /NOBLE/Sarah /HEALD/Burghwallis, [of Adwick-le-Street]YKS PR marr
Sarah /HEALD/23Dec1750- (m. Joshua /STOCKS/ 1797; bur. 30 Jul 1838 -AF)BentleyYKS AFN:J7P3-7S;
Sarah /HEALD/  1778- ([m. Joshua /STOCKS/])BentleyYKS LDS 1903745
m.13May1755M106812Thomas /HEALD/Dorothy /WALSH/OwstonYKS VRI2 FHL 1545732
m.13May1758Thomas /HEALD/Dorothy /WALSH/OwstonYKS AFN:19KR-J96; // b. 1736
Alice /HEALD/12Oct1755C106812Thomas /HEALD/OwstonYKS VRI2 FHL 1545732
William /HEALD/20Mar1756Tho /HEALD/OwstonYKS LDS batch 9010731
William /HEALD/20Mar1757C106812Thomas /HEALD/OwstonYKS VRI2 FHL 1545732
Mary /HEALDE/16Dec1760C106812Thomas /HEALDE/OwstonYKS VRI2 FHL 1545732
Ann /HEALDE/6Aug1762C106812Thomas /HEALDE/OwstonYKS VRI2 FHL 1545732
Joseph /HEALDE/21Apr1765C106812Thomas /HEALDE/OwstonYKS VRI2 FHL 1545732
Elizabeth /HEALDE/15Apr1767C106812Thomas /HEALDE/OwstonYKS VRI2 FHL 1545732
William /HEALDE/10Sep1769C106812Thomas /HEALDE/OwstonYKS VRI2 FHL 1545732
William /HEALD/ Abt1771CEN- (widr bef 1851)CarcroftYKS CEN 1851/5_18 (Adwick-le-Street)
m.17Aug1779M106812Thomas /HEALD/Mary /WILKINSON/OwstonYKS AFN:19KR-J96; VRI2 FHL 1545732 // b. 1736
Sarah /HEALDE/27Jun1780C106812Thomas /HEALDE/MaryOwstonYKS(b. 18 Jun 1780) VRI2 FHL 1545732
Alice /HEALDE/12Jun1782C106812Thomas /HEALDE/OwstonYKS(b. 6 Jun 1782) VRI2 FHL 1545732
Rachel /HEALDE/18Apr1784C106812Thomas /HEALDE/OwstonYKS(b. 18 Apr 1784) VRI2 FHL 1545732
m.27May1754M007311George /HEALD/Susanna /TOPHAM/Hemsworth Near WakefieldYKS PR marr LDS 183573 & 184314 & batch 7025918 (rel. John TOPHAM)
m.13Jun1758M106812John /GRANGER/Ann /HEALD/OwstonYKS AFN:19KR-JJM; VRI2 FHL 1545732 // b. 1742
m.17Jun1758John /GRANGER/Anne /HEALD/OwstonYKS LDS batch 5018032
m.8Aug1758PRJo /COWARD/Alice /HEALD/BurghwallisYKS PR marr // she of Adwick-le-Street
m.4Mar1770Robert /DUNSTON/Mary /HEALD/ArkseyYKS LDS batch 5004698
m.4Mar1771Robert /DUNSTON/Mary /HEALD/ArkseyYKS AFN:19KR-HVJ; // b. 1750
m.24Nov1770John /LILLFORD/Elizabeth /HEALD/ArkseyYKS LDS batch 8929830
m.22Aug1774M106762William /BILYARD/Elizabeth /HEALD/South KirkbyYKS
William /HEALD/5Jul1783C106302William /HEALD/DoncasterYKS
Robert /HEALDE/1Aug1784C106812William /HEALDE/OwstonYKS(b. 29 Jul 1784 -VRI) VRI2 FHL 1545732
m.7Jul1794M107923William /DUNHILL/Mary /HEALD/ThorneYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt.1776- (m. William /WALKER/)AdwickYKS LDS 471811
m.21Feb1797William /WALKER/Elizabeth /HEALD/Adwick Le StreetYKS LDS A537203 & 537218
m.17Dec1797Joshua /STOCKS/Sarah /HEALD/ArkseyYKS AFN:J7P3-7S; LDS batch 7200730 // b. 1750
m.20Dec1797M106812Joshua /STOCKS/Sarah /HEALD/OwstonYKS VRI2 FHL 1545732
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1782- (m. Jonathan Fletcher /HARRIS/ 1800; bur. 14 Aug 1850 Knottingley)<Askern>YKS AFN:1JCZ-56C;
m.25Nov1800Jonathan Fletcher /HARRIS/Alice /HEALD/AskernYKS AFN:1JCZ-56C; // b. 1782
Alice /HEALD/ Abt.1779- (m. Jonathan /HARRISON/)CampsallYKS LDS 446156
m.25Nov1800Jonathan /HARRISON/Alice /HEALD/CampsallYKS LDS A457493 & 457497
# -- WATH upon DEARNE --
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m.14Jan1730M017531William /HEALD/Ann /OTLEY/DarfieldYKS
Sarah /HEALD/6Jan1732P009651Will /HEALD/Wath Upon DearneYKS
Will /HEALD/4Sep1733P009651Will. /HEALD/Wath Upon DearneYKS
Ann /HEALD/1Aug1735P009651Will /HEALD/Wath Upon DearneYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/19Sep1737P009651Will. /HEALD/Wath Upon DearneYKS
John /HEALD/31Jan1740P009651William /HEALD/Wath Upon DearneYKS
Henry /HEALD/1Apr1743P009651William /HEALD/Wath Upon DearneYKS
Mary /HEALD/24May1745P009651William /HEALD/Wath Upon DearneYKS
Sarah /HEALD/26Dec1747P009651William /HEALD/Wath Upon DearneYKS
m.23Jan1766Henry /HEALD/Sarah /KAY/Wath Upon DearneYKS LDS batch 7121014
William /HEALD/20Feb1767P009651Henry /HEALD/Wath Upon DearneYKS TR cutler 1779
John /HEALD/2Mar1768P009651Henry /HEALD/Wath Upon DearneYKS TR cutler 1780
m.2Oct1796M108122William /HEALD/Sarah /SIMPSON/Wath Upon DearneYKS
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m.10May1727M009072Samuel /GREGG/Hannah /HEALD/RotherhamYKS
John /HEALD/7Sep1738C106512George /HEALD/HarthillYKS
m.24Feb1756M009072Francis /NORBOURNE/Mary /HEALD/RotherhamYKS
m.22Mar1767M009072Henry /MITCHENER/Mary /HEALD/RotherhamYKS
m.27Mar1778William /HEALD/Elizabeth /WALKER/RotherhamYKS LDS 170421 & 170470 & A184641 & 184642 (rel. John William WARD)
Mary /HEALD/1Nov1778C108032William /HEALD/ElizabethWhistonYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/16Jul1780C108032William /HEALD/ElizabethWhistonYKS
Hannah /HEALD/21Dec1783C108042Wiliam /HEALD/WickersleyYKS
Hannah /HEALD/27Aug1786C108042William /HEALD/WickersleyYKS
Sarah /HEALD/24Aug1788C108042William /HEALD/ElizabethWickersleyYKS
m.21Apr1782M106272William /HEALD/Mary /WARDENLEY/ConisbroughYKS
Nicholas /HEALD/ Abt1753Robert /HEALD/Sarah<Braithwell>YKS(m. Sarah /BURROWS/ Bef 1784; bur. 4 Apr 1826, aged 73 -PR bur)
Sarah /BURROWS/ Abt1752Robert /BURROWS/Eleanor<Braithwell>YKS(bur. 3 Jun 1836, aged 84 -PR bur)
m. Bef1784Nicholas /HEALD/Sarah /BURROWS/<Braithwell>YKS
Elisabeth /HEALD/9May1784C049561Nicholas /HEALD/Sarah /BURROWS/BraithwellYKS(b. 7 May 1784; d. 22 May 1784, bur 23 May 1784 -PR bur) PR bap VRI FHL 1545679
Mary /HEALD/4Mar1786C049561Nicholas /HEALD/Sarah /BURROWS/BraithwellYKS(b. 1 Mar 1786) PR bap VRI FHL 1545679 REL 37
Mary /HEALD/ Abt.1787- (m. 1808 Jarvis /BOWER/)BraithwellYKS LDS 445864
Robert /HEALD/13Oct1788C049561Nicholas /HEALD/Sarah /BURROWS/BraithwellYKS(b. 6 Oct 1788) PR bap VRI FHL 1545679
Robert /HEALD/ Dec1789C049561Nicholas /HEALD/Sarah /BURROWS/BraithwellYKS(d. 1 Aug 1790, bur 3 Aug 1790, aged 8m -PR bur) VRI FHL 1545679
Elisabeth /HEALD/28Sep1791C049561Nicholas /HEALD/Sarah /BURROWS/BraithwellYKS(m. Francis /ROBINSON/ 1811 -REL) PR bap VRI FHL 1545679
James /HEALD/ Abt1793- (m. Christiana /GRINDLE/ 1830; widr bef 1851; d. 1867, aged 74)BraithwellYKS CEN 1851 REL 38
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m.5Dec1726Joseph /BATTIE/Lydia /HEALD/SheffieldYKS LDS batch 7006404
Anne /HEALD/16Jun1727Nicholas /HEALD/SheffieldYKS(bur. St Peter's 30 Jun 1727 ?) MISC YKS LDS batch 7105309
m.23Dec1729John /HEALD/Mary /GIRDOM/SheffieldYKS LDS batch 7006404
m.16Apr1734M007755Step. /BROADBENT/Mary /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS LDS A537123 & 537123
m.24Apr1734Stephen /BROABENT/Martha /HEALD/SheffieldYKS LDS batch 7008904
m.22May1735Thomas /RIDGELY/Hannah /HEALD/SheffieldYKS LDS batch 7008906
m. Abt.1738William /ALDAM/Miss /HEALD/Sheffield, of UpperthorpeYKS LDS 459049
John /HEALD/ Abt.1738William /HEALD/EcclesfieldYKS TR cutler 1751
m.18Aug1742M007755John /HEALD/Eliz. /BLYTH/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Jenney /HEALD/18Jan1744C150001John /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Sarah /HEALD/22Jan1747C150001John /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Jenney /HEALD/19Sep1750C007756John /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Eliz. /HEALD/4Dec1754C007756John /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
John /HEALD/11Apr1757C007756John /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS TR cutler 1773
Daniel /HEALD/12Oct1759C007756John /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS TR cutler 1776
Joseph /HEALD/5Apr1761C007756John /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Sarah /HEALD/5Mar1762C007756John /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Hannah /HEALD/2Apr1764C007756John /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/1Jan1746C150001Francis /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS // cf DBY, 1728
m.9Oct1748M007756Willm. /HEALD/Betty /HAYES/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Ann /HEALD/24May1749C007756Willm. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Johanna /HEALD/13Nov1751C007756Willm. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Mary /HEALD/ Mar1755C007756Willm. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Eliz. /HEALD/14May1758C007756Willm. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Willm. /HEALD/14Jul1765C007756Willm. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS TR cutler 1791
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1748Benja. /HEALD/SheffieldYKS TR cutler 1761
Eliz. /HEALD/20Jan1750C007756Benja. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
John /HEALD/20Jul1753C007756Benja. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS TR cutler 1766
Matthew /HEALD/26Dec1755C007756Benja. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Lidia /HEALD/28Feb1759C007756Benja. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Hannah /HEALD/26Dec1760C007756Benja. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Ann /HEALD/16Oct1765C007756Benja. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.20Jun1750M007756Thos. /BILLAM/Sarah /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m. Bef1751Matthew /HEALD/SheffieldYKS TR saddler 1774
Eliz. /HEALD/15Aug1751C150641Matthew /HEALD/Sheffield, Saint PaulYKS([m. Joseph /CECIL/ 1776])
Matthew /HEALD/11Aug1753C007756Matthew /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.23Aug1753M007523John /TRICKET/Ann /HEALD/EcclesfieldYKS
m.2Sep1754M007756Thos. /HEALD/Eliz. /POTTER/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Thos. /HEALD/9Oct1757C007756Thos. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
George /HEALD/ Abt.1761George /HEALD/SheffieldYKS TR cutler 1775
m.1Jan1764M007756Henry /HEATHCOAT/Mary /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.15May1765M007756John /HEALD/Mary /BLAND/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.12Aug1766M007756Abraham /CLARK/Elizth. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Nancy /HEALD/14Aug1768C150601Joseph /HEALD/EcclesallYKS
m.26Dec1768M007754Francis /MORTON/Jenny /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.1May1769M007756Thos. /HEALD/Ann /HALLAM/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Sarah /HEALD/11Jul1770C150531Thos. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Lidia /HEALD/2Sep1772C150531Thomas /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Joseph /HEALD/21Aug1774C007757Thomas /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Thomas /HEALD/30Mar1777C007757Thomas /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS TR cutler 1793
Ann /HEALD/18Jul1779C007757Tho. /HEALD/AnnSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
John Agustus /HEALD/14Jan1781C007757Thomas /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Betty /HEALD/29Jun1783C007757Thomas /HEALD/AnnSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Samuel /HEALD/16Oct1785C007757Thomas /HEALD/AnnSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Hannah /HEALD/13Feb1789C150523Thomas /HEALD/AnnSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Lydia /HEALD/16Sep1791K007758Thomas /HEALD/AnnSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.6Aug1770M007756Geo. /BLITHE/Ann /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.23Dec1770M007756Thos. /TYSON/Eliz. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.17Dec1771M007756Daniel /HEALD/Hannah /WARRINGTON/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.31Aug1773M007756Francis /HEALD/Ann /HALLAT/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.14Nov1774M007757John /HEALD/Betty /BURGIN/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.27Dec1774M007757John /KNOWLES/Elizabeth /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.26Sep1776M007757Joseph /CECIL/Elizabeth /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS // b. 1751
m.21Oct1777M007757Samuel /WORRALL/Eliz. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.6Jun1780M007757Robert /WILTON/Ruth /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.24Apr1783M007757Thomas /THOMPSON/Mary /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.18Jul1784M107972George /HEALD/Sarah /ARDRON/TreetonYKS
William /HEALD/15Jun1785C007757George /HEALD/SarahSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS(m. Ann Bef 1808)
m.2Aug1784M007757John /JACKSON/Elizabeth /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Jane /HEALD/17Jul1785C007757Joseph /HEALD/MarySheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Joseph /HEALD/28Oct1787C150523Joseph /HEALD/ElizabethSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS TR cutler 1802
Elizabeth /HEALD/25Dec1789K007758Joseph /HEALD/ElizabethSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Francis_ /HEALD/7Nov1792K007758Joseph /HEALD/ElizabethSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Mary /HEALD/19Jul1795K150551Joseph /HEALD/ElizabethSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Henry /HEALD/ Abt1795Joseph /HEALD/Ecclesall BierlowYKS TR cutler 1810
William /HEALD/17Jul1785C007757William /HEALD/RachelSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.26Nov1786M007757William /HEALD/Sarah /TOWNEND/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS REL 39 // see also 1802
John /HEALD/4Nov1787C150523William /HEALD/SarahSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS TR cutler 1810
Susannah /HEALD/4Apr1790K007758William /HEALD/SarahSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
William /HEALD/26Dec1792J007758William /HEALD/SarahSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
James /HEALD/25Feb1795J150551William /HEALD/SarahSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/24Dec1797K150551William /HEALD/SarahSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Robert /HEALD/22Jun1800J150552William /HEALD/SarahSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS(m. Mary /HOPKINSON/ 1832 -REL; gfa of Ann 1859) CEN 1861 (South Sheffield) REL 39 WCN cmahoney
m.26Oct1788M007757William /STAVELY/Sarah /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Francis /HEALD/21Jun1789J007758Francis /HEALD/MarySheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
John /HEALD/13Sep1789J007758Daniel /HEALD/EllenSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Susannah /HEALD/4May1791K007758Daniel /HEALD/EllenSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
William /HEALD/18Sep1793J007758Daniel /HEALD/EleanorSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Daniel /HEALD/28Mar1796J150551Daniel /HEALD/EllenSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.9Jan1797M007758Daniel /HEALD/Elizabeth /ASHMORE/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS // see also 1802
Thomas /HEALD/4Nov1798J150551Daniel /HEALD/ElizabethSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.13May1792Robert /HEALD/Ann /BARRACLOUGH/SheffieldYKS LDS batch 7206921
Sarah /HEALD/ Abt.1775- (m. Robert /MIRFIN/)Sheffield, HandsworthYKS LDS 445853
m.6Mar1796M109323Robert /MIRFIN/Sarah /HEALD/HandsworthYKS LDS 456873
m.14Feb1796M007758Thomas /HEALD/Mary /BROOMHEAD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Thomas /HEALD/4Dec1796J150551Thomas /HEALD/MarySheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS TR cutler 1814
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1797CEN- (m. Elizabeth Bef 1861 ?)SheffieldYKS CEN 1861 (West Sheffield)
Harriott /HEALD/30Sep1798K150551Thomas /HEALD/MarySheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
m.27Feb1797M007758Joseph /SETTLES/Sarah /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Sarah /HEALD/ Abt1795CEN- BrightsideYKS CEN 1861 (North Sheffield) // rel Harriett 1835

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