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  • Alumni Cantabrigienses, a biographical list of Cambridge alumni from 1261 to 1900 (Revised edition, 1940).

    "Alumni Cantabrigienses was compiled by J.A. Venn, a former president of Queen's College. This list of all known students, graduates, and officers at the University of Cambridge offers information from the university's earliest records which date from around 1261. The entire collection contains 10 volumes in 2 sets. The first set covers alumni from the earliest records to 1752 and the second set from 1752 to 1900. The compilation was completed in 1921."

  • Alumni Oxonienses (1500-1888), compiled by Joseph Foster, Parker & Co, 1888
Notes: Sources for annotations should be clear from the text.
A star after a year indicates where I have calculated the year from an age and a date: so 1661* could be either 1660 or 1661.
A 'sizar' was a student paying reduced fees, who had to perform certain menial duties; cf a 'servitor' at Oxford.

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Heald, William (Cam: EMMANUEL, 1645)
Adm. pens. at EMMANUEL, Feb. 13, 1644-5. Of Lancashire. (Previously at Oxford.) One of these names minister of Walton-le-Dale, Lancs., 1651-3-. (E. Axon.)

Additional note:
The Victoria County History of Lancashire lists the curates of Low Chapel, Walton-le-Dale in vol 6, p.299 (1908). William Heald appears, 'oc. [in occupation] 1651-3', citing the Plundered Ministries Accounts (Rec. Soc Lancs and Ches.), i, 107, 249 [
here]. The next entry is 1676 Thomas Abbot MA.

Heald, Peter (Cam: PETERHOUSE, 1678)
b. 1661*; m.(?) 10 Jun 1697
link; d. 30 Aug 1728
Adm. sizar (age 17) at PETERHOUSE, Feb. 15, 1677-8. Of Yorkshire. School, Pocklington. Matric. 1677-8; B.A. 1681-2; M.A. 1685. Preb. of Chichester. V. of Cowfold, Susser, 1704-28. Died Aug. 30, 1728, aged 73. (T. A. Walker, 161.)

Additional Source:
Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, 1541-1857 (Index of Higher Clergy)
Heald, Peter (d. 1728) - Preb. Fittleworth, Chichester, 1686-1728, III, ii. 31

Heald, Thomas (Cam: JESUS, 1679)
b. 1661*; m1. before 1694* (d. 24 May 1713); m2. Jun 1717
link; d. 1734
Adm. sizar (age 18) at JESUS, June 27, 1679. Of Yorkshire. Matric. 1682; B.A. 1682-3; M.A. 1686. Ord. deacon (York) Feb. 1694-5; priest, 1696. V. of Huddersfield, 1714-34. Master of Hipperholme School. Died 1734. Father of Whitley (1709) and Thomas (1716). (A. Gray.)

Additional Source:
Northowram & Coley Nonconformist Register, transcribed by Colin Hinson:
(p235: 1 Nov 1704) Mrs Heald (Mr Heald of Huthersfield mother) bur. Nov. 1. 1704
(p261: 24 May 1713) Mrs Heald of Huthersfield died suddenly May 24., being Lords Day had bin at Church & heard her Husband preach both ends of the Day
(p211: Jun 1717) Mr. Heald Vicar of Huthersfield & Mrs. Walker mar abt. Midsummer

Will proved at York, Court of Chancery, 29 Aug 1734

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Heald, Whitley (Cam: ST. JOHN'S, 1709)
b. 1694*; d. 22 Feb 1736
Adm. pens. (age 15) at ST JOHN'S, Oct. 28, 1709. S. of
Thomas (1679), V. of Huddersfield. B. at Wakefield, Yorks. School, Wakefield (Mr Clark). Matric. 1710; B.A. 1713-4; M.A. 1717; B.D. 1724. Fellow, 1717-32. Incorp. at Oxford, 1723. Ord. priest (London) Dec. 20, 1719. V. of North Stoke, Oxon., 1730-6. C. and lecturer at St George, Southwark. Died suddenly, when preaching in St Nicholas Cole Abbey, London, Feb. 22, 1735-6. Brother of Thomas (1716), father of Whitley (1755).

Additional Sources:
Alumni Oxonienses calls him Whitby Heald, incorp. 20 May, 1723.

Northowram & Coley Nonconformist Register, transcribed by Colin Hinson
(p.319) Mr Whitley Heald (son to Mr Heald late Vicar of Huthersfield) fell down in the Pulpit and died abt Febr. 1 [1736]

See also: Subscriber lists

Heald, Thomas (Cam: JESUS, 1716)
Adm. pens. at JESUS, May 28, 1716. S. of
Thomas (above), V. of Huddersfield. Matric. 1716; Scholar, 1716; B.A. 1719-20. Ord. deacon (York) Sept. 1720; priest, June, 1723. Brother of Whitley (1709).

The following may refer to the same Thomas Heald:
"Reverend Heald appointed Rector of Babworth, Nottinghamshire, August 1743, in place of Simpson, resigned." (Gentleman's Magazine, August 1743)
The will of Thomas Heald, Rector of Babworth was proved on 10 Sep 1759 in the Court of Chancery at York.

Heald, Thomas (Cam: TRINITY, 1742)
b. 1724*; d. 26 Mar 1789
Adm. sizar (age 18) at TRINITY, June 19, 1742. S. of Robert, of Norwich. B. at Ashbourne, Derbs. School, Repton. Matric. 1744; M.B. 1749; M.D. 1754. F.R.C.P., 1760. Gulstonian lecturer, 1763. Harveian orator, 1765. Removed to London, 1767. Physician to the London Hospital, 1770. F.R.S., 1770. Croonian lecturer, 1770 and 1784-6. Gresham Professor of Physics, 1771-89. Lumleian lecturer, 1786-9. Author, medical. Died Mar. 26, 1789. Will, P.C.C. (D.N.B.; Munk, II. 231.)

Additional note:
First practised at Witham, Essex [DNB]

Heald, Whitley (Cam: CORPUS CHRISTI, 1755)
b. 5 Sep 1736; chr. 30 Sep 1736
link; m. 18 Nov 1768 link; d. 1786
Adm. at CORPUS CHRISTI, Mar. 26, 1755. Of London. [S. of the Rev. Whitley (1709), V. of N. Stoke, Oxon. B. Sept. 5, 1736. School, Eton.] Matric. Michs. 1755; Scholar; B.A. 1759; M.A. 1762. Fellow, 1765-8. Ord. deacon (Ely) June 11, 1760; priest, Dec. 28, 1761. One of the preachers at Long Acre Chapel, London. Married, Nov. 17, 1768, a dau. of Isaac Preston, of Beeston, Norfolk. (Eton Coll. Reg.)

Additional Source:
Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, 1541-1857 (Index of Higher Clergy)
Heald, Whitley (d. 1786) - Preb. Easton in Gordano, Bath and Wells, 1780-1786, III, v. 65

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Heald, William Margetson (Cam: ST CATHARINE'S, 1790)
b. 11 Jan 1767; chr. 19 Feb 1767
link; m. 5 Jan 1801 link; d. 13 Jan 1837
Adm. sizar at ST CATHARINE'S, July 2, 1790. Of Yorkshire. S. of John, farmer and maltster, of Dewsbury Moor. [B. 1767. School, Batley Grammar.] Matric. Michs. 1790; B.A. 1794; M.A. 1798. Studied medicine at Edinburgh and under Dr John Hunter in London. Began to practise at Wakefield; then, deciding to take Holy Orders, was admitted at St Catharine's. Ord. deacon (Ely) Oct. 19, 1794; priest (York) July 1, 1798; C. of Balsham, Cambs., 1794. C. of Birstall, Yorks., 1798-1801; V. there, 1801-36. There he coached Thomas Musgrave, afterwards Archbishop of York and his brother, Charles Musgrave, afterwards Archdeacon of York. Retired, 1836, owing to a stroke. Author, The Brunoniad. Died Jan. 1837. Father of William M. (below). (Foster, Index Eccles.; D.N.B.)

Additional Source:
Professions and trades for Birstall, Baines's Directory (1822), from GENUKI

Heald Rev. W. M. A. M., vicar

See also: additional material for William M., below.

Heald, George (Cam: TRINITY, 1794)
b. 1775*; chr. 10 May 1775
link; m. 1825 link; d. 18 May 1834
Adm. pens. (age 19) at TRINITY, May 3, 1794. [Elder] s. of Richard, of Horncastle, Lincs. Schools [Louth and] Hipperholme, Yorks. (Mr Hudson). Matric. Lent, 1795; B.A. 1798; M.A. 1802. Adm. at Gray's Inn, Nov. 6, 1793. Called to the Bar, 1800. K.C. and Bencher, 1818; Treasurer, 1821. Of Upper Harley Street. Died May 18, 1834. (R. W. Goulding; Inns of Court; G. Mag., 1834, II. 108.)

Additional Note:
'in curia cancelleria': ie Chancellor [law officer] to the diocese of Lincoln.
m. 1825 Emma Trafford (online pedigree from Burke's Royal Descents (1851); d. 1828), whose family held extensive lands at Horncastle and at Wroxham Hall, NFK.
Both buried in St Mary's, Horncastle (see final para); monument with coat of arms.
Father of George T. (Ox, 1846).

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Heald, George [Whitley] (Cam: KING'S, 1800)
b. 1781*; chr. March 7 1782; d. 1 Apr 1865
Adm. at KING'S, a scholar from Eton, Feb. 21, 1800. Bapt. Mar. 7, 1782, at Kensington, London. Matric. Easter, 1800, as George; B.A. 1804; M.A. 1807. Fellow, 1803-22. Died Apr. 1, 1865, aged 84, at Chelsea. (Eton Sch. Lists; King's Coll. Adm. Reg.; G. Mag., 1865, I. 667.)

Heald, William Margetson (Cam: TRINITY, 1822)
b. 12 Oct 1803; chr. 4 Dec 1803
link; m. 5 May 1846 link; d. 25 Sept 1875
Adm. pens. (age 19) at TRINITY, Oct. 4, 1821. S. of [the Rev.] William M. (above). B. at Birstall, Yorks. School, Richmond (Mr Tate). Matric. Michs. 1822; Scholar, 1824; B.A. (Class. Trip., 1st Class) 1826; Members' prize, 1827; M.A. 1829. Ord. deacon (York) 1826; priest, 1827; C. of Birstall, Yorks., 1826-9; V. there, 1836-75; Rural Dean. Chaplain of Trinity College, 1830-44. Hon. Canon of Ripon, 1855-75; Surrogate, Ripon. Married Mary–. Was "scholarly, gentle, liberal-minded and generous." The prototype of Cyril Hall in Charlotte Brontė's Shirley. Died 1875, aged 74. Father of Charles W. (Ox., 1869) and John M. (1872). (Crockford; H. O. Cradock; Scott, MSS.; portrait, Vicar Hall in Charlotte Brontė's Shirley.)

Additional Source:
The Brontės: Their Lives, Friendships and Correspondence, ed. Thomas James Wise and John Alexander Symington, 4 vols. (Oxford: Basil Blackwell for the Shakespeare Head Press, 1932) Index made available by Primary Media Search

See this page for references to Rev. Heald and his family in the letters of Charlotte Bronte; and here for information about Heald's House on Dewsbury Moor, where he may have been born.

Additional Source:
Professions and trades for Birstall, Pigot's Directory (1834), from GENUKI

Heald Rev. William M. (vicar), Birstall
Heald Rev. Wm. M. (curate) Birstall

The living is in the gift of the Archbishop of York, and incumbency of the Rev. William M. Heald.

Heald, George Trafford (Ox: CORPUS CHRISTI, 1846)
b. 1828*; chr. 17 Jan 1828
link; m. 19 Jul 1849; d. 20 Jun 1856; probate 3 Jul 1856 (PRO)
Only S. of George [Cam, 1794], of Marylebone, London, arm. CORPUS CHRISTI COLL., matric. 24 Feb. 1846, aged 18; lieutenant and life guards, married Lola Montez. (Eton School Lists).

Additional note:
The spectacular dancer Lola Montez (b. Eliza Gilbert) had previously been the controversial confidante of King Ludwig I of Bavaria, which had led to his downfall; and the mistress of many others, including Franz Liszt. Faced in London with scandal and a bigamy trial following the marriage (Lola had never properly divorced a previous husband), the two fled to the continent, but fell out and separated. Lola's notorious existence continued through Europe, America and Australia; George moved to Lisbon but died soon after, perhaps in a drunken boating accident. (link1, link2, link3, link4). See also the Flashman novel 'Royal Flash' for an entertaining fictionalised portayal of a couple of Lola's earlier adventures.

Additional source:
The Cork Examiner, 2 July 1856
DEATHS. June 20, at Folkestone, George Trafford Heald, Esq. This gentleman was formerly an officer in the 2d Life Guards, and was one of the persons stated to have been married to the notorious Lola Montes.
-- posted to soc.genealogy.ireland by Dennis Ahern, flagged up by Ron Taylor at genforum.

Heald, Frank (Cam: TRINITY, 1856)
b. 29 May 1837; chr. 6 Oct 1837
link; d. 9 Feb 1893; adm. 1897
Adm. pens. (age 19) at TRINITY, Apr. 14, 1856. [Elder] s. of Nicholas [calico-printer, of Bredbury Hall, Stockport, Cheshire]. B. at Manchester. At school in Prussia. Matric. Michs. 1856; B.A. 1860. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Apr. 16, 1858. Brother of Walter (1859). (Inns of Court.)

Heald, Walter (Cam: TRINITY, 1859)
b. 19 Mar 1841; chr. 11 Mar 1842
link; m. 15 Oct 1874 link; d. 1926;
Adm. pens. at TRINITY, May 18, 1859. [2nd] s. of Nicholas, of Manchester [and Bredbury Hall, Stockport]. B. Mar. 19, 1841, at Manchester. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1859. Of Elmfield House, Bromley, Kent, in 1903. Brother of Frank (1856). (Rugby Sch. Reg.)

Additional information:
Walter Heald's papers have been deposited at Manchester University's John Rylands library, together with papers of his son, Charles Brehmer Heald (1882-1974), who became a distinguished consultant and pioneer of aviation medicine.

Walter was born in 1841 in Pendleton, Lancashire, a descendent of Henry Heald of Wakefield, m. Margaret Oxley 1645 (Walter7, Nicholas6, Joseph5, William4, Ebenezer3, Timothy2, Henry1). After a short spell at a preparatory school in London which proved not satisfactory, he was educated at Manchester School and then Rugby (entered Feb 1856), before going up to Cambridge in 1859; but had to leave after only about a year, following the collapse of his father's business, and joined William Deacon's Bank. In 1866 he travelled to South America for several years, and on 6 Feb 1870 in Buenos Aires he became engaged to Emily Isabel Elaine Krabbé, who he married in 1874. She was the daughter of Charles Krabbé and Sarah Drake; her family had come out to Argentina from Falmouth, Cornwall, and were previously from Denmark (in the IGI back to the 1300s).

Returning to England, he and Emily lived at Ashley Heath, Hale, in Cheshire, between Lowton Lane and School Lane, before moving to Green Walk, Bowden (1881 Census), and then Ford Bank, Bowden. In 1887, his father's family business was again in difficulties and he moved south, first to the Cedars, West Hampstead, London; then to Elmfield House, Bromley, Kent in 1891; and finally to Southlands, Weybridge, Surrey in 1904. From 1914-1919 he served as a special constable in the Surrey Constabulary. In London he was secretary of the London office of the newly formed Argentine Great Western Railway, and a freeman of the City, having been admitted on 30 May 1872 by Patrimony into the Company of Merchant Taylors. Walter died in 1925, followed by his wife a year later.
-- information from Lauretta Harris (laurettaharris @ hotmail.com)

Heald, Charles William (Ox: CORPUS CHRISTI, 1869)
b. 1851*
link; m. 26 Sep 1893 link
1s. of William [Cam, 1821], of Birstall, Yorks., cler. CORPUS CHRISTI COLL., matric. 18 May, 1869, aged 18; B.A. 1872, M.A. 1876, vicar of Bobbington, Salop, 1880-4, rector of Chale, Isle of Wight (1885).

Brother of John M. (Cam., 1872)

Heald, John Margetson (Cam: TRINITY, 1872)
b. 7 Jan 1853
link; d. 16 Dec 1934
Adm. pens. at TRINITY, Jan. 24, 1872. S. of the Rev. William Margetson (1821), V. of Birstall, Yorks. B. there [Jan. 7], 1853. School, Uppingham. Matric. Michs. 1872; Scholar, 1873; B.A. 1876; M.A. 1879. Ord. deacon (Ripon) 1877; priest, 1878; C. of Batley, Yorks., 1877-9. P.C. of St Philip's, Dewsbury, 1879-81. C. of Lapley, Staffs., 1882-4. C. of Litcham, Norfolk, 1884-6; R. there, 1886-8. Living at Scarborough, in 1934. Died Dec. 16, 1934, at Cayton, Yorks. (Crockford; The Times, Dec. 18, 1934.)

Brother of Charles W. (Ox., 1869)

Heald, John Claypole (Cam: CHRIST'S, 1877)
b. 23 Jun 1859
link; m. 1887 link
Adm. pens. at CHRIST'S, June 13, 1877. S. of Thomas, solicitor, of Wigan. B. [June 23, 1859], at Southport. School, Southport. Matric. Michs. 1877; B.A. 1881; M.A. 1884. Adm. Solicitor, July, 1883. Practised at Wigan [and Southport], 1900-30, in the firm of Heald and Son. Of 18, Market Street, Wigan, in 1911. (Peile, II. 656; Law Lists.)

Heald, James (Cam: TRINITY, 1878)
b. 22 Apr 1859; chr. 7 Jul 1859
link; m. 8 Sep 1892 link; d. 14 Feb 1921
Adm. pens. at TRINITY, Oct. 11, 1878. S. of William Norris, of Parrs Wood, Didsbury, Lancs. B. Apr. 22, 1859, at Halewood, Lancs. Schools, Shrewsbury and Leys, Cambridge. Matric. Michs. 1878; B.A. 1882; M.A. 1886. Adm. Solicitor, Aug. 1886. Practised at Manchester, 1900-10-. Of Cross Street, Manchester, in 1909. Of Parrs Wood, Didsbury, Lancs. J.P. Alderman of the City of Liverpool. Latterly of Peat's Wood, Market Drayton, Salop. Died Feb. 14, 1921. Brother of Charles R. (1886). (Shrewsbury Sch. Reg.; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families; Scott, MSS.; Burke, L.G.; Law Lists; The Times, Feb. 17, 1921.)

See also: Rootsweb: heald_lf

Heald, Charles Reginald (Cam: TRINITY, 1886)
b. 25 Mar 1867; chr. 21 Jun 1867
link; m. 1895 link; d. 8 Mar 1924
Adm. pens. at TRINITY, June 14, 1886. S. of William Norris, of Parrs Wood, Didsbury, Lancs. B. [Mar. 25, 1867], at Halewood, Lancs. School, Monkton Combe, Somerset (Mr Bryan). Matric. Michs. 1886; B.A. 1894; M.A. 1898. Ord. deacon (Sodor and Man) 1890; priest (Carlisle) 1893; C. of German, Isle of Man, 1890-2. C. of Dearham, Cumb., 1893-5. R. of Horsted-Keynes, Sussex, 1895-1909. Died Mar. 8, 1924. Brother of James (1878). (The Old Monktonian Reg.; Crockford; The Times, Mar. 12, 1924.)

See also: Rootsweb: heald_lf

Heald, Alfred Francis (Cam: NO COLL, 1893)
b. 1865*
link (?); d. 21 Nov 1941
Matric. Non-Coll. Lent, 1893. At St Mary's Hospital. L.S.A., 1903. L.M.S.S.A., 1908. Organiser and Assistant Medical Secretary, London Panel Committee. Of 28, Dulwich Common, S.E. Died Nov. 21, 1941, at Goring-on-Thames. (Medical Directories; The Times, Nov. 24, 1941.)

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1524, Leyland, LAN:
"The first priest [of a new chantry in the church at Leyland, Lancashire] seems to have been Thurstane Helde or William Walton; [by] 1535 Thurstan Taylor was doing service."

"An altar of St Nicholas had existed in the church for a long time ... in a chapel known as St. Nicholas's chapel or the Farington chapel. ... There was also an altar before the rood. In 1524 Sir Henry Farington endowed a chantry for 'an able and well-disposed priest to say and do masses... and other divine service to say and do there for ever.' The chantry priest was also to be ready to assist in his surplice at matins, amss and other service in the church among the other priests and clerks... The priest had also 'to keep one free grammar school in the church'." (VCH Lancs, vol 6, p.9)

1544, Chester, CHS, and Ordsall, LAN
John Helde ordained Accolyte (20 Sept 1544), Subdeacon (21 Mar 1544/5), Deacon (10 April 1546), Priest (18 Sept 1546) at Chester, "ad ti.m Mri Alexandri Radcliff mi.tis de Ordishall dict. dioc." [Mri = Magistri?; dict. dioc. = 'of the said diocese'; could somebody help with ti.m and mi.tis ?]
(Source: The Earliest Ordination Book of the Diocese of Chester, 1542-7 & 1555-8 -- in: Miscellanies relating to Lancashire and Cheshire, vol 4, part 2 -- Lancashire & Cheshire Records Society, vol 43 (1895), pp. 53,58,66,72)

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