Heald Placenames, UK

There can often be a close link between place-names and family history:

  • A place may still be named after the families who owned it or lived there.
  • A place may have been named in honour of a respected individual.
  • A place may have been the original source of a family's name.

The listing below (I hope) includes all the Heald place names that are

Other Heald places may be shown on higher resolution maps; or may have existed historically, but have since been lost. I shall try to add these when I become aware of them.

Where I know anything, I have added a link to a note about the history of the places and their names.

Useful Resources

Online OS Streetplans and 1:50 000 Landranger    http://www.multimap.co.uk/
Online OS Streetplans and 1:50 000 Landranger http://www.streetmap.co.uk/
-- also includes useful postcode finder and coordinate converter
Outline 1:2 500 scale maps http://tileselect.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/land-line/tile_start.htm
Online aerial photos http://www.getmapping.com/
Old 1:10 560 OS maps (eg LAN 1848, CHS 1881) http://www.old-maps.co.uk/
-- previous design, has bigger map sheets http://www.old-maps.co.uk/oldSite/index.htm
Ordnance Survey Online Gazetteer http://www.ordsvy.gov.uk/products/Landranger/lrmsearch.cfm
House addresses corresponding to postcodes http://www.royalmail.co.uk/paf/
-- alternatively, look up the postcode at Old Maps
1786 and 1829 maps of Lancashire http://www.lancashire.com/lcc/oldmap/


Street names are typically only marked on streetplan scale maps.
House/Farm names typically only appear on the 1:50 000 Landranger scale.

A postcode identifies a group of 20 or so houses (fewer in the countryside).
Where long streets have several postcodes only one has been listed.

The name 'Heald' originally comes from the Old English 'helde' meaning 'steeply sloping'.
These steep slopes are often very apparent from the contour lines on the 1:50 000 scale maps.

The Places

Village/Town Placename Postcode County Landranger Description 'Old Maps' site Note
=== CUMBRIA (Furness - part of LANCASHIRE until 1974) ===
Coniston[The Heald]LA21 8ADCMASD308942[House] 1851: -
Coniston[Heald Cottages]LA21 8ADCMASD308946[House] 1851: -
Coniston[Heald Brow]LA21 8ADCMASD310941[Land Feature] 1851: +
ConistonHeald Brow PastureLA21 8ADCMASD315941[Wood/Forest] 1851: +
High Wray, AmblesideHeald WoodLA22 0JHCMASD386979[Wood/Forest] 1851: +
BurnleyHeald RoadBB10 1JBLANSD841346 1848: Heald Bridge
BurnleyHealdwood DriveBB12 0EALANSD837351} 1848: Heald Wood
BurnleyHealdwood CloseBB12 0EGLANSD838351} 1848: Heald Wood
BlackpoolHeald StreetFY3 8BGLANSD317369 1847: -
Garston, LiverpoolHeald StreetL19 2LYLANSJ402846 1849: not named
Silverdale, CarnforthHeald BrowLA5 0UDLANSD467740[Land Feature] 1848: +
ManchesterHeald PlaceM14 4EALANSJ848955} 1848: Heald Housenote
ManchesterHeald AvenueM14 4HHLANSJ847953} 1848: Heald Housenote
ManchesterHeald GroveM14 4PELANSJ849955} 1848: Heald Housenote
Chadderton, OldhamHealds GreenOL1 2SPLANSD897070 1848: +note
RochdaleHeald DriveOL12 7HHLANSD884153 1851: -
RochdaleHeald CloseOL12 7HJLANSD884153 1851: -
Weir, BacupHeald CloseOL13 8RPLANSD873256 1849: Heald Lanenote
Weir, BacupHeald LaneOL13 8QNLANSD875258 1849: also Heald Row, Heald Townnote
Weir, BacupHeald MoorOL13 8QZLANSD883264[Land Feature] 1849: note
LittleboroughHeald CloseOL15 0DLLANSD933152 1851: -
LittleboroughHeald LaneOL15 0DWLANSD935153 1851: Heald [House]
GarstangHeald FarmPR3 1RJLANSD519457[Farm] 1846: Heald
PrestonHeald House RoadPR5 2JALANSD552215 1848: Healds House
ChorleyHeald StreetPR6 0SWLANSD591175 1849: -
Newton-Le-WillowsHeald StreetWA12 9NTLANSJ569952 1849: Heald Farmnote
=== CHESHIRE ===
Wrenbury, NantwichThe HealdCW5 8HJCHSSJ582486[House/Farm] 1882: +note
Kelsall, TarporleyThe YeldCW6 0TECHSSJ533693[Land Feature] 1881: +note
Kelsall, TarporleyYeld LaneCW6 0TECHSSJ533690 1881: not namednote
Aston by Budworth, NorthwichHield GroveCW9 6LNCHSSJ674778 1881: -note
Aston by Budworth, NorthwichHield BrowCW9 6LPCHSSJ672770 1881: +note
Aston by Budworth, NorthwichHield HouseCW9 6LPCHSSJ673776[House/Farm] 1881: +note
Aston by Budworth, NorthwichHield LaneCW9 6LPCHSSJ674778 1881: +note
StockportHeald StreetSK1 2ASCHSSJ900909[Only on A to Z maps] 1882: -note
Romily, StockportHeald Wood RoadSK6 4AXCHSSJ941917 1882: Heald, Heald Wood,
Healdwood House
CheadleHeald GreenSK8 3RXCHSSJ842860[Town/Suburb] 1882: +note
Heald Green, CheadleHeald GroveSK8 3RXCHSSJ843864 1882: -note
Pownall Fee, Wilmslow[Heald House]SK9 5NTCHSSJ822820[House/Farm] 1882: -note
Wildboarclough,MacclesfieldHeild End FarmSK11 0BGCHSSJ984674[Farm] 1881: Heildendnote
Wildboarclough,Macclesfield[Heildwood]SK11 0BGCHSSJ979674[Wood] 1881: +note
Bowdon, AltrinchamHeald CloseWA14 2JBCHSSJ763866 1882: -note
Bowdon, AltrinchamHeald DriveWA14 2JACHSSJ763867 1882: -note
Bowdon, AltrinchamHeald RoadWA14 2JECHSSJ764867 1882: +note
Mobberley[Healdmill]WA16 7QGCHSSJ781809 1882: +note
=== CO. DURHAM ===
Newton AycliffeHeild CloseDL5 5PSDURNZ281250 1859: -
Holwick, Barnard CastleHield HouseDL12 0NRYKSNY894278 1857: +
Barnoldswick[Heald Brow]BB18 5NBYKSSD877466 1853: -note
Malham, Arncliffe[Healds Barn]BD23 4DJYKSSD893630 1852: Head's Barnnote
Beamsley, Skipton[Heald Lathe and Heald Wood]BD23 6HPYKSSE080520 1854: -note
Southowram, Halifax[Held Lane]HX3 9RHYKSSE114234 1854: -note
Barkisland, HalifaxHeald TerraceHX4 0DBYKSSE053202 1854: -note
Barkisland, HalifaxHeald Wall NookHX4 0DBYKSSE053202 1854: +note
Ecclesall, Sheffield[The Healds]S10 3LWYKSSK310865 1855: also Healds House, Healds Lanenote
Ecclesall, Sheffield[Heald Wood]S10 3TTYKSSK312853 1855: +note
Thurlstone, Penistone[Heald Common]S36 4TDYKSSE173023 1855: +note
Cawthorne, Staincross[Heald Head]S75 4HHYKSSE285080 1855: -note
CastlefordHealdwood CloseWF10 3ARYKSSE443255} 1852: Heald Woodnote
CastlefordHealdwood RoadWF10 3BQYKSSE444257} 1852: Heald Woodnote
CastlefordHeald StreetWF10 4LSYKSSE438257} 1852: Heald Bottom Lanenote
CastlefordHealdfield RoadWF10 4SFYKSSE439259} 1852: Heald Bottom Lanenote
DewsburyHealds RoadWF13 4HTYKSSE231227 1854: Healds Housenote
Liversedge, BirstallHealds AvenueWF15 6HWYKSSE208240 1854: Healds Hallnote
Doveridge, nr UttoxeterYelt FarmDE6 5JXDBYSK125334 1887: +note
BakewellYeld RoadDE45 1FJDBYSK215681 1883: not namednote
BakewellUpper Yeld RoadDE45 1FWDBYSK214678 1883: not namednote
BakewellYeld CloseDE45 1FXDBYSK214677 1883: -note
Baslow[Yeld Wood]DE45 1SHDBYSK261728 1883: +note
Outseats, Hathersage[Heald Wood]S32 1BQDBYSK232834 1893: +note
Skegby, Sutton-In-AshfieldHealdswood StreetNG17 3FRNTTSK487610 1884: -note
Lyonshall, KingtonThe YeldHR5 3LYHEFSO351561[Farm] 1888: +
Orleton, LudlowYeld's HillSY8 4JLHEFSO465685[Land Feature] 1888: +
=== BRECKNOCKSHIRE (now part of POWYS) ===
Cantref, BreconThe HeldLD3 8LTBRESO036266[House] 1889: +
Cross Ash, AbergavennyHeald FarmNP7 8PEMONSO399202[Farm] 1886: +
CorbyHield CloseNN18 8NLNTHSP873863 1889: -
AbingdonYeld Hall RoadOX14 2QZOXFSU509989 1883: -
=== LONDON (was part of KENT) ===
Deptford, London SE14Heald StreetSE14 6TPKENTQ370769 1882: not named
Village/Town Placename Postcode County Landranger Description 'Old Maps' site Notes

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