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See also: Lancashire births and marriages, 1800-1850 and 1850-1900
1836 Rowland Heald of Clayton-le-Moors is found guilty, with Evan Brindle and Thomas Rushton, of killing Robert Howson while trying to evade being caught poaching. They are subsequently transported to Australia.
The Times, 1 April 1836
Chorley and Wigan
1867 In the same year, John Heald is mayor of Chorley, and his brother Thomas Heald is mayor of Wigan. Thomas names his son Reginald Mayor Heald (b. 7/6/67) to celebrate.
Postings 630 and 651 by Betty Caldwell on the Heald message board at genforum.
Longton (west of Leyland)
1887-1923 James Heald is Superintendent of St Andrew's Sunday School
A Short History of St Andrew's Sunday School (souvenir booklet, 1928);
extract transcribed by Jane Riding Smith.


See also: Cheshire births and marriages, 1800-1850 and 1850-1900
1847-52 James Heald of Parr's Wood, Didsbury is one of the town's two MPs.
Worldconnect: heald_lf database.
1894 Betty Heald is murdered by her landlady, Margaret Deakin.
The Times, 30 January, 22 June and 5 December 1894


See also: Northumberland births and marriages, 1800-1850 and 1850-1900
1876 Alfred Heald is a ship and insurance broker
Records of his settlements for 1876 were acquired by Tyne and Wear Archives Services in 1998.
(Accessions webpage, Historical manuscripts commission).


See also: Yorkshire births and marriages, 1800-1850 and 1850-1900
1885 George Henry Heald, police surgeon, is found not guilty of indecent assault.
The Times, 21 Sept and 1 Dec 1885
1868 Edwin Heald is found guilty of perjury, for denying that he had written a warranty for a horse he sold which subsequently died.
The Times, 13 August 1868
1803 Joseph Heald and John Terry, apprentices, are found guilty of the murder of Elizabeth Smith of Flaminshaw, near Wakefield. They are executed at York by hanging, despite frantic attempts by Terry to protest that he had falsely incriminated Heald
The Newgate Calendar, online transcript
1831 Benjamin Heald is charged with 'creating riot and disturbance' as a ringleader, after a large mob of villagers tries to forcibly re-open the ancient 'Corpse Way' from Stanley to the Wakefield parish graveyard at The Springs.
Webpage from Joseph G. Court's History of Wakefield site.
1838-54 Mentions of William Margetson Heald [bio] and his sister Harriet in the correspondence of Charlotte Bronte.
1849 Benjamin Heald is found not guilty of the murder of his nephew William and niece Elizabeth, by virtue of insanity.
The Times, 17 December 1849
1801 The team of bellringers at Sheffield Old Church, including John Heald and William Heald, go on strike after creative differences.
1822 John Heald and William Heald are still bellringers (the only two remaining from 1801).
Leader, R.E. -- Reminiscenses of Sheffield, ch. 12, transcribed by Eric Youle;
citing Leader, J.D. -- Records of the Burgery, p. 407;
1866 Mr W. Heald is a voluntary teacher of Junior Reading at the Church of England Educational Institute on Tuesday evenings.
Odom, Rev. W. -- Fifty Years of Sheffield Church Life (1917); transcribed by AJ. (Moss Valley website).


See also: Nottinghamshire births and marriages, 1800-1850 and 1850-1900
1804 "Lost at Warsop Fair, a light-coloured cow. Please contact [among others] John Heald at the Ram Inn"
1808 Auction [several houses] to be held at the Ram Inn (John Heald's), Nov 3.
1809 General meeting of Mansfield lace hands, at Mr Heald's in Stockwell Gate.
1810 Mar 1: Married: John Heald of the Ram Inn, & Mrs Elizabeth Richardson, widow of James Richardson, also of Mansfield
1811 Mar 1: Died at Mansfield "after a very short, but violent and painful illness", age 56: John Heald of the Ram Inn, on the day of his first wedding anniversary.
1811 Mar 28: creditors & debtors of late John Heald, innkeeper of Mansfield, should contact Mrs Heald, his widow and sole administratrix, or William McLellan, builder, of Mansfield.
David J.Bradbury's "Mansfield in the News" pages, summarised from the Nottingham Journal (1801-13).
1813 Jan 26: Sale to Dickinson Ellis, fellmonger, of the copyhold [leasehold] on a piece of land at the north corner of a close called the Bottoms, for the sum of 45 by Elizabeth Heald, who had previously been married to Henry Smith and then to Mr Richardson; the copyhold had previously been bought in 1792 by Henry Smith, victualler, from the Rev. Charles Plumptre of Mansfield, and his wife Mary.
Estate Papers in the Portland (London) Collection (Pl E), University of Nottingham, Pl E12/6/19/166/ 1, 2 and 7 (online catalogue).
1830 Trade directory for Mansfield, includes John, Elizabeth (2), and Daniel Heald, all of Stockwell Gate.
The Old Blue Boar was in Stockwell Gate (pic1, pic2); the Ram Inn is now 34 Church Street.
1846 Jun: Death of Daniel Heald, ex-landlord of the Blue Boar, age 82.
David J.Bradbury's "Mansfield in the News" pages, summarised from the Midland Gazette (1846).
1905 Heald graves moved from St Peter's churchyard to make way for road widening. (Details).
transcription by David E. Millott (Genuki website)


1813 W. Heald appointed a Board Room Messenger at the Admiralty.
Admiralty Officials 1660-1870 (1975), pp.70-71 (Online)
1820 Henry Heald is found guilty of stealing a watch.
The Times, 29 Sept 1820

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1818-21 Various bills from Thomas Heald to the family of the Duke of Portland, for gloves
Papers of the 4th Duke of Portland, at Univ. Nottingham
(online catalogue: Pw H 1807 to 1811 and 2318 to 2320).

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